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1. I have tried The King and I and quickly gave it up. Not only does it have a mind-numbing number of characters I cannot tell apart from each other or puzzle their relationships to each other, but within the first five minutes, someone is dug into the ground up to his neck, smeared with honey, and covered in bees. Thank you, very much for those nightmares, drama. All that, and a story about a eunuch starring an actress I dislike and an actor I find unappealing to say the least. In 60 episodes. PASS.

2. Episode 2 of Otomen is sheer adorableness (how does it get more adorable, how?) It's a rare jdrama adaptation of a shoujo manga I like. I am still behind on Orthros No Inu and Buzzer Beat and must catch up, though.

3. Out of curiousity, I checked out some of Tamra the Island ep 14 just to see if my opinion of that drama as the worst thing it has ever been my misfortune to see come out of Korea was justified. I was delighted to discover a tongue-in-cheek deliberately anachronistic take on period drama with some weighty issues thrown in. Unfortunately, said drama was Hong Gil Dong. Tamra, alas, remains a silly piece of fluff. LOL. It looks sort of improved - no potty humor and Im Joo Hwan and the lead girl whose name escapes me, aren't too bad at their jobs (girl has rather ceased channeling Jandi's crazed overacting). William is as wooden and hideously albino as ever, but we can't have everything. I have no motivation to watch more but am at least pleased to declare it not a total loss. And I think IJH and Lead Girl could star in Group 8's planned It Started with a Kiss remake - they physically look the part, have good chemistry, and not actors who I adore so I'd feel upset they are stuck in that mess. If surprisingly the drama turns out well, good for them, and if not, no loss to me :)

4. In good news for moi, Han Ji Min dropped out of Lee Jun Ki's Strange Heroes. Now, I adore HJM but the reason I am happy is her replacement. It's Kim Min Jung - I adored her to bits in Fashion 70s and she is in not nearly enough things. OMG YES.

5. A bunch of images from You're Beautiful are out, and also the images from a mini-concert they did. Oh YES. They did a promo mini-concert, LOL.

Nomnomnom can you taste the cheese?


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