Dec. 7th, 2018

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Upcoming kdramas I am interested in - winter edition

Absolute Boyfriend - I loved that manga as a much much younger Mousie but both times it’s been adapted to screen (in Japan and in Taiwan), it really did not work for me. Still, maybe third time’s the charm? (Modifying the manga to make the competitor to the ahem robot a star is not really in keeping with the manga mood but whatever. Not everything can be Silver Metal Lover.) MAYBE.  

Abyss - I love Park Bo Young, who can do not wrong for me after Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. The out-there premise (a beautiful woman turns hideous and a hideous man handsome) has potential. So unless they cast someone truly awful as the male lead, this is a YES.

Aseudal Chronicles - my most anticipated. Sageuk! fantasy! Pre-Joseon era! And starring Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ji Won! What more can one need! Oh, a PD who did a lot of dramas I like. A definite yes.

Babel - it sounds like a dark drama, with investigations, familial tragedies and revenge. Park Shi Hoo is the lead which, for many, is an understandable deal breaker. But whatever he may be guilty of and however unappealing he may be in RL, he is one of k-actors I tend to enjoy watching so that’s not a deal-breaker for me. YES. 

The Crowned Clown/The Man Who became King/Masquerade - I never miss a sageuk, I like Yeo Jin Goo a LOT (he seems to be following Yoo Seung Ho’s footsteps in successfully transitioning into an adult star), and the plot of a clown having to act as a king due to resemblance is amazing-sounding. YES. 

Dazzling - I love Han Ji Min, and the fantasy premise of a woman who lost all her time (by I believe turning old) is fascinating, but Nam Ji Hyuk is one of the very few automatic nopes for me. He really cannot act or have on-screen charisma. Hard hard choice. This is a MAYBE. 

Different Dreams - 1930s period drama starring my old school faves Lee Yo Won and Yoo Ji Tae. Im Joo Hwan is an awesome bonus. I don’t know if it’s the Mr. Sunshine effect (yes, I know it was set earlier, but it also deals with Japanese occupation of Korea) but either way, I am grateful after a long period drama drought. YES.

Haechi - Jung Il Woo is back from the military and in a sageuk and with Go Ara. Good things really do come in threes. YES.

Item - I DGAF about crime dramas but I give many many fs about Joo Ji Hoon and Jin Se Yeo’s reunion after awesomely entertaining (if bonkers) Five Fingers. YES.

Kingdom - zombies are meh, but sageuks and Joo Ji Hoon are a hell YES!

My Strange Hero - love love love Yoo Seung Ho (I have never disliked a drama of his. Yes, not even Operation Proposal) and Jo Bo Ah and I am a sucker for second chance romances. Plus, it starts this Monday and it will be great to finally have a Monday/Tuesday drama to follow again. YES.

Romance Is a Supplement - I cannot believe I am about to say this about a romance drama starring Lee Jong Suk but wtf wtf wtf! He is paired with lee Na Young, who is a decade older and looks it. That would be fine if it were billed as a noona romance, but at least from the description it looks like they are supposed to be the same age, which is insane! Unless it turns out it’s a noona romance, I think this would be barely even a MAYBE. 

Spring Must Be Coming - two women swap bodies. No, it’s not a same gender Secret Garden, alas, but it still sounds awesome. I am a sucker for those fish out of water scenarios. YES.

Touch Your Heart - GIMME GIMME GIMME Reaper and Sunny’s reunion!!!! And the storyline - of a lawyer falling for his secretary who is a disgraced star in disguise trying to to get rl tips for a future role, would be awesome even without Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na playing the roles. But as is, eeeee!  YES.  

Vagabond - the plot of a stunt double uncovering conspiracies sounds like Bollywood fun, I love Lee Seung Gi and, in the love her or hate her debate, I am on the side of loving Suzy (they were great together in Gu Family Book btw.) So YES!

When the Devil Calls Your Name - supernatural seems to be a theme lately. Jung Kyung Ho plays a man who made a deal with the devil and now must collect some souls or go to hell himself. I will watch JKH in (almost) anything after his amazing performance in Cruel City, and with the exception of the nightmare that was Missing Nine, he has not disappointed me. This is a YES.

Where Camelia Blooms - I like Gong Hyo Jin a lot but the rest of the descriptions are awfully vague and no other cast is there yet for me to eithr glee or a despair. A MAYBE.


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