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Birthdate:May 26
Location:United States of America
Website:Bollywood Blog
You can also find me at

Currently Watching and Gushing About: Dramas of all kinds. Recommendations welcome.

Currently reading: A variety of books, mainly historical non-fiction.

Manga/manhwa I am reading: Her Majesty's Dog (manga), Red River (manga), Fruits Basket (manga), Bring It On (manhwa), Afterschool Nightmare (manga), Platinum Garden (manga), Vampire Knight (manga), Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden (manga), Cynical Orange (manhwa), Comic (manhwa), W Juliet (manga), Wallflower (manga), Goong (manhwa), Night of the Beasts (manga), Haou Airen (manga), Moon Boy (manhwa), Kitchen Princess (manga), Skip Beat (manga), W Juliet (manga), Chocolat (manhwa), Bride of the River God (manhwa), Wild Ones (manga), from Far Away (manga).

Current American TV shows I watch on regular basis: Burn Notice; Boardwalk Empire; Sons of Anarchy

Last movie seen in a movie theater: The Mechanic

Most Anticipated Drama: Shangri-La

More Proper Introduction:

OK, I am Dangermousie and this is my journal. No, my parents were not twisted, drugged-out hippies who could not come up with a normal name. I chose "Dangermousie" because I liked the Dangermouse cartoons (funny British series about a Mouse secret agent) and "dangermouse" was taken.

In real life, I do real life things and am happily married to the uber-amazing Mr. Mousie and am a brand new mother of Baby Mousie. In lj space, reality almost never intrudes and I spend happy hours obssessing over various fictional things and crushing on my Book/TV/Movie boyfriends. I am always looking for more recommendations. If they are attractive, angsty, and competent, I am in. Alphas preferred but not necessary. Current fictional boyfriend is the Eighth Prince from Chinese period/time-travel drama Jade Palace Lock Heart. Next week it is likely to be someone else. I am an obsessive with a short attention span.

More generally, currently I am obsessing about a variety of doramas (Asian miniseries) and mainly post about that. Other obsessions are Farscape and Battlestar Galactica (two excellent scifi shows), and movies produced by the Indian film industry known as Bollywood, anime, Dark Angel (a post-apocalyptic scifi show set in Seattle with a lot of angst, leather and hotness), SERENITY a.k.a. "Best Movie Ever," Roswell, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, hot guys, 19th century books, sci fi in general and a whole other bucketful of stuff.

Yeah, I am a geek.

Now, on to my lj stuff:

Firstly: I have a bazillion interests and they have little in common. So if you are here because you like only one of things I post about, chances are not all of my posts will be on the topic you find fun. This is mainly a drama-centric LJ but I occasionally post on Bollywood, anime and scifi.

And this brings me to a second word of warning: I post a lot. Average of about three times a day (yes, I need a life). So just be aware if you friend me, my entries might be popping over on your "friends posts" page more often than you might like, if you consider that too much posting.

I am very averse to doing memes, so know that even if you tag me, chances of me doing one are very slim. Likewise, if the only thing you post in your lj are memes and quizzes, I am unlikely to friend you back. Sorry!

If you want to know about my personal life (I don't see why you would, since I know only 5 people on my flist in person), you are out of luck, since I almost never post personal stuff on lj. Vast majority of my posts are public and only a miniscule amount is friends-locked.

Also, I browse through people's ljs a lot and I might friend you if I find what you write interests me (dramas, BSG, Star Wars, Bollywood, Farscape whatever). You don't have to friend me back if my lj doesn't interest you. I am not stalking you and will not show at your door with a "Marry Me" sign written in blood, but just want to be able to find your lj again.

Yes, I am aware the above sounded pompous and was longer than Richardson's "Clarissa." C'est la vie. Or something.

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Current Background Picture: Chen Hao and Peter Ho as Diao Chan and Lu Bu in the 2010 cdrama adaptation of Three Kingdoms.

Interests (157):

a love to kill, abhishek bachchan, aeryn sun, aeryn/crichton, allen schezar, amelia peabody, amitabh bachchan, ancient egypt, anime, aragorn, battlestar galactica, bi/rain, bill/fleur, bollywood, books, bridget jones, british actors, bsg2003, buffy, buffy/angel, buster keaton, byzantium, cdramas, charlie chaplin, christian bale, clark/lex, congreve, cordoba, dark angel, ddlj, dickens, discworld, doctor who, dorothy dunnett, dorothy l sayers, doumyouji/tsukushi, dr who, dr. who, dumas, edward burne-jones, elizabeth gaskell, elizabeth peters, escaflowne, fantasy, faramir, faramir/eowyn, farscape, firefly, francis crawford, full house, full metal panic, fushigi yuugi, fushigi yuugi genbu kaiden, futurama, gary cooper, georgette heyer, gokusen, gone with the wind, goong, hana yori dango, harold lloyd, harry potter, harry/ginny, hayden christensen, helo/boomer, helo/sharon, historical fiction, horatio hornblower, hotohori, howl's moving castle, hrithik roshan, j. r. r. tolkien, jamie bamber, jane austen, jayne, jdramas, jeeves, john crichton, john donne, john gilbert, john keats, kajol, kara/lee, kdramas, kingdom of heaven, lawrence of arabia, lee/kara, logan/veronica, lord of the rings, lord peter wimsey, lymond, mal/inara, mars, mary renault, max/liz, max/logan, meteor garden, miaka/tamahome, michael/maria, musicals, nine/rose, non-fiction, north & south, orlando bloom, p. g. wodehouse, padme/anakin, peace maker kurogane, peacemaker kurogane, peach girl, persian poetry, photography, poetry, pre-raphaelites, prince rupert, psmith, rahxephon, remarque, remus lupin, renaissance italy, robert taylor, ron/hermione, rose/nine, rosetti, roswell, rurouni kenshin, saif ali khan, saiyuki, sayers, serenity, shahrukh khan, sigfried sassoon, silence, silent films, simon/kaylee, sirius black, smallville, snape, spain, star wars, supernatural, tamahome, tokyo juliet, travel, trigun, twdramas, valentino, van/hitomi, veer-zaara, veronica mars, veronica/logan, victorian novels, vivien leigh, wales, wilfred owen, wodehouse, wooster, zhan shen
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