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Episode 2 of Can We Get Married was even better than the first. Consider me hooked.

(Caps and thoughts on episode 2)

Ooooh, I loved it when the aunt called the Hot Jerk out on it on Dong Bi's behalf and splashed water over him. Twice. Heeeee. YESSSS.

Height difference ftw! They are pretty much the cutest, most functional thing ever. They have their hiccups - she is too bossy and needs to be in control and win in an argument no matter what and he acquiesces too much - see the later scene where she makes him kneel. If she thinks he will put up with that once the first flush of love is over, she is going to get a surprise. They need to get that little issue worked out now. But overall, they are very functional. In fact, I am not even sure how they are going to have the mandatory big drama conflict, despite her insane mother (I do hope she explains about her Mom, but I totally get why she is too ashamed to).

Dong Bi and the Jerk (who is, sadly, quite hot and charming when he wants to be. Aren't they always?) You know, I am less mad at him in this episode because it turns out he was always very clear he was Mr. No Commitment and she was OK with it earlier and changed her mind. So at least he didn't mess with her head. But the fact remains that he is a selfish, thoughtless commitment-phobic. The fact that she keeps coming around to his place and agrees to being friends (when you know she thinks she can get to more if she starts that way) drives me nuts. It's realistic, but it drives me nuts. I want to shake her and tell her he is a lost cause and to move on.

Still not into older daughter storyline but this was BOSS. I cannot say it's surprising that the man who cheated with you on his first wife is going to cheat on you with a younger model.

I love Aunt's love story. With motorcycles!

And last but not least...

Date: 2012-11-04 09:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] algelic.livejournal.com
AHAHA I loved the last but not least.

I actually watched the first episode only half-subbed, so I didn't realize that the Older Sister had been The Lover once. Urgh, how could she ever believe that he wouldn't cheat on her after cheating WITH her? Also, so far I haven't seen a single thing attractive about the Cheating Husband. How can all these woman be attracted to him? Is he THAT rich?

I don't like Dong Bi. She's very immature (though she is a realistic character). If The Jerk told her from the beginning that he wanted no commitment, she shouldn't expect him to just suddenly change. And now she's agreeing to stay friends, which is a big baaaad idea.

Regarding our darling main OTP... they are so adorable together that you just want to take screencaps of every single second! Right now Jung So Min (can't remember her character's name) is holding all the power in the relationship... but sooner of later Sung Joon will grow a spine and want to balance the scales. It'll be fun to watch their relationship evolve!

I don't really care about the aunt. She's boring. I hope she doesn't take up a lot of screentime in the future.

Date: 2012-11-04 10:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dangermousie.livejournal.com
I like Aunt in the very small amount of screentime she has. But if they gave her more screentime, I agree, it wouldn't really be a good idea.

If Korea is anything like the USA, if the man is a plastic surgeon with his own practice, he must be made of money. He could have the personality of an ogre and look like Godzilla and still have hot women all over him. But yes, the older sister should have expected that a man who will cheat with her, will cheat on her.

I liked Dong Bi much better in the first ep - when in the second ep it became clear the Jerk never led her on and when she snuck into the apartment etc, I lost a lot of feelings for her. She is very realistic though and I totally have talked a lot of friends through situations like the one she is with him, so I do have sympathy for her.

I do hope that whatever upheavals the darling sane main OTP will go through will reorient the balance of power in that relationship. Because otherwise it's not too healthy in the long run and he will end up either emotionally checking out or fighting back, but fighting back after years of giving in thus there could be resentment/love lost/etc. Anything that leads to them fighting less (because they love each other but her temper goes off all the time) would be good.


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