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Episode 2 of Can We Get Married was even better than the first. Consider me hooked.

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I confess I would have not checked out Can We Get Married (crazy Mom tries to get daughters married off rich, upset her youngest chooses a regular salaryman - that set-up is not my thing) except for two things:

1. It's on jTBC and I've been liking a lot of the cable dramas I've seen
2. Sung Joon (Shut Up Flower Boy Band) and Jung So Min (Playful Kiss) play the leads - the salaryman and the youngest daughter. I adore both of them separately and the thought of them together just fills me with so much glee, I couldn't pass up this chance to watch them. (Also, for once, an age-appropriate pairing! I was wondering if under-25 actresses were a dying breed).

I have just finished the first episode and overall, I really enjoyed it.


* Sung Joon and Jung So Min are awesome in their roles and have ridiculous amounts of chemistry. Plus, their characters just feel real and flawed and adorable and guuuuh. I could watch them forever. For some reason I keep seeing this a twdrama with Ariel Lin in JSM's role and Bolin Chen in Sung Joon's (yes, I have In Time With You hangover).
* The directing is assured (though cuts to flashbacks without signalling are a bit of a hiccup) and the cinematography is crisp.
* It's on cable, so there are twdrama-level makeouts.
* This is a rare drama where I feel like I could run into these people on the street or have them as coworkers. Especially Jung So Min and her friend - I have a feeling they could have been some of my 20-something friends...
* I really like Jung So Min's friend, whose name escapes me at the moment. She is awesome.
* The drama seems to avoid cliche 'oooh, misunderstanding' possibilities - people behave in sane fashion.
* I like Jung So Min's aunt and Sung Joon's family.
* Did I mention make-outs? With Jung So Min and Sung Joon?


* I hate an awful lot of characters - I want to strangle Jung So Min's mother. I think she is supposed to be funny, but I find her so irritating, I stick the volume on mute whenever she appears. If I could, I'd minimize her role as much as I could. Ugh. Nails on chalkboard.
* I really hate friend's (ex?) boyfriend. He's hunky as hell (looks like a younger Kim Rae Won, mmmm) and I have a lot of goodwill for the actor (who played Yoona's suitor in Love Rain), plus his makeout scenes are epic, but that character is such a douchebag (in relationships - he is actually a pretty good friend for Sung Joon)! I want him to be kidnapped by hoodlums from May Queen and beaten half to death. I am pretty sure the drama is going to get him and friend back together but they will have to work hard on making me OK with it.
* Oldest sister and her horrid marriage. Feels like it belongs in a much darker, drearier drama. It's well done and acted but I want sugary cuteness not two miserable people being miserable together.

VERDICT: I am keeping this puppy but I really hope they cut down on Mom and oldest sister, and make the sexy douchebag grovel. Preferably shirtless.

(Hey, I said makeouts. Do you need evidence? I have evidence!)  )


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