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1. Last Exile is totally boring me. I went from watching it while reading to taking a bath while Husband watches it. He just summarizes it all for me. But it severely appeals to him so it makes me happy as must make up for his having to a. drag me to bed at 3:30am yesterday from watching Meteor Garden (me: I'll come to bed soon, I promise. him: I know you, you'll watch it till 7 am) and b. having to, in consequence, to put up with me watching it today.

2. Finding good anime fanfic is impossible. If you like weird, uncanonical slash pairings, you can find good fic actually. But look for normal Hana Yori Dango fic? Or Fushigi Yuugi? Or MARS? Or Escaflowne? Or Trigun? Give it up. In the best case scenario, you are going to get badly spelled Doumyouji/Tsukushi sex or how it's Van and Hitomi turning into R&J. In the worst case scenario? Let's just say that it makes Harry Potter mpreg seem nice. Surely I can't be the only grown-up person who likes any of these and likes fic. But hey, it's still better than finding Meteor Garden fic. Because there isn't any. Do I have to write my own? I want to read DMS/SC fic. Now. Argh.

3. I have a horrible temptation to write some Shi-Mein/Shiao You fic. Or (depending on the spelling) Xi Men/Xiao You fic. Heck, I am not even even sure how to spell their names but I don't care, because have shocked myself by becoming a rabid shipper for a ship almost no one else seems to care about one way or another (people don't dislike it, it's just there is nothing about it I can find, not in English, at least). Because there simply isn't any fic out there, good bad or indifferent. I think I have just found myself a shipper for the most obscure ship ever. I am actually even going to watch Meteor Rain because it has a vignette dealing with them. And I want to find out what happened to their equivalents in the manga. Also, shipping for a ship who does not end up together is making me kinda grouchy. She moves to Canada and he mopes for a bit and goes back to his old ways does not a happy Dangermousie make, realism be damned. The ending in Meteor Rain re: that storyline better be open ended, is all I am going to say.

4. Jackie on Veronica Mars. I love the girl. She is not this season's Logan (a hated character we begin to like), she is this season's Veronica. Someone who is shallow and useless but grows and matures under pressure. After all, watching the show with Veronica 1.0, shallow, shy, Lilly-follower, lover of puppies and kittens and ditcher of unpopular people, would be deadly dull. Yay Jackie! You are cooler than status quo Veronica, actually.

5. Lee and Dee: pretty together. Happy and nice together. Good for them, but not very exciting to watch. So I am OK with them being the eternal ship as long as they don't spend too much time on them.

6. I am still obsessed with Fushigi Yuugi. I have the hots for a 17-year-old martial genius from a book world patterned on Ancient China, which is kinda disturbing. But I can't help it. I also have an urge to be immature and write Miaka+Tamahome=4evr on my notebooks. Except I don't have any notebooks any more. Also, Trigun is love (and peace, I suppose).

7. I have the horrifying thought that I already ran through Hollywood and Bollywood movies and now have moved on to Asian entertainment (it certainly helps that the world is full of pretty men of every ethnicity), so what shall I do when I run through that? I don't think Namibia makes that many films.

8. Bollywood is good. Also full of eye candy.
Exhibit 1, Zayed Khan:

Exhibit 2, John Abraham:

Exhibit 3, Hrithik Roshan:

Exhibit 4, Kunal Kapoor:


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