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The thing that is so horrifying to me is that SHK’s character is not her daughter in law (and she wasn’t the one who was cheating, in the first place.) And yet “face” is so important to this old woman that she does all she can to control an ex daughter in law, one who hasn’t done anything wilder than have dinner with a man.

Does she expect her to be a nun forever while her own son whores around and while she is a single woman? They don’t even have a child in common! And this is with a woman of a powerful family - can you imagine what she would do if SHK’s family were nobodies?

And then the coup de grace, when she orders her to fire a man, i.e., end his future (who is going to hire someone fired mere days into his first job?) with the boredom and consideration one usually gives to a drivethrough order. Even less.

When you contrast it with earnest, sweet young man who is so unassuming and good guy to do this:

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Well, it’s not subtle but it’s effective. I hate the old b on sight. No wonder SHK wanders around shell-shocked and half-frozen. How she emerged in any way intact from that household God only knows.


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