Date: 2012-11-04 10:01 pm (UTC)
I like Aunt in the very small amount of screentime she has. But if they gave her more screentime, I agree, it wouldn't really be a good idea.

If Korea is anything like the USA, if the man is a plastic surgeon with his own practice, he must be made of money. He could have the personality of an ogre and look like Godzilla and still have hot women all over him. But yes, the older sister should have expected that a man who will cheat with her, will cheat on her.

I liked Dong Bi much better in the first ep - when in the second ep it became clear the Jerk never led her on and when she snuck into the apartment etc, I lost a lot of feelings for her. She is very realistic though and I totally have talked a lot of friends through situations like the one she is with him, so I do have sympathy for her.

I do hope that whatever upheavals the darling sane main OTP will go through will reorient the balance of power in that relationship. Because otherwise it's not too healthy in the long run and he will end up either emotionally checking out or fighting back, but fighting back after years of giving in thus there could be resentment/love lost/etc. Anything that leads to them fighting less (because they love each other but her temper goes off all the time) would be good.
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