Date: 2012-10-31 11:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
was the kang ji hwan drama rly a rumor? I thought it was p much confirmed? huh. I hope it happens either way it sounds p nuts lol.
What u dont have on this list is the recently announced third installment in TvN's oh boy series! haha you know I love my flower boys. this time its yoon shi yoon as the titular flower boy. i hope he's not the only one tho since the last dramas SUFBB and Ramyun Shop had lots of pretty hehe. But I like yoon shi yoon even if imo he was horribly miscast in me too flower and that (among other reasons) was why the drama didnt work for me and I quit it early on. that said his co star is park shin hye, i'm not rly a big fan of her since the only two times i saw her in a drama (YAB and heartstrings) her character just made me feel embarrassed to death. I hope this one is different lol. Also I've been watching Full House 2, and its rly silly but I am enjoying it alot XD Its alot like YAB but less wacky and admittedly the hero has all the obnoxious traits of tae kyung and none of the sassy charm. which is....but the heroine and secondary guy (played by park ki woong!) are a vast improvement on go mi nyeo/nam and shin woo. so it evens out. hopefully the hero starts showing heroic traits or I might full on ship heroine and secondary dude and that never ends well. Not gonna rec u watch it though since its not rly ur cuppa but if your up for a silly romcom to go with your regular dose of doom and gloom thats a good place to start lol. and the episodes are blissfully short too. I have so many upcoming dramas I want to watch! and some of them are happening next year when I go back to school so I hope I can squeeze time in for them D: I'm looking forward to School remake, I LOVE woo bin and he's finally getting a starring role! (as another trickster/rebel student which he does so well XD)

Date: 2012-11-01 02:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
No, that KJH drama is happening, but his participation in it is uncertain due to agency troubles (again?!) If he is in it, my interest goes up 500%, without him, we'll see.

I am very fond of PSH - I liked her in Heartstrings and Tree of Heaven (YAB - well, the less said about Minam, the better). YSY has a great degree of potential (though I agree, he was miscast in Flower - he was a decade too young!)

I am excited Woo Bin is getting more exposure...


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