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This is officially the most romantic period kdrama I've ever seen. I don't know if Song Jina is working out her ultimate hidden romantic fantasy or what (normally her dramas are, while awesome, much less romantic), but I am so grateful for whatever motivated her to do something so OMFGworthy!

A proper post on the eps will have to wait because (a) I am still watching; (b) I have about 8 million caps and thoughts but I simply had to post some of the most squeeworthy caps ever. After this week, I can even cope with an ending where they don't end up together because the drama gave us this.

There was this, when he crashed the palace (after saying he couldn't sit still) and told her he knew she accepted Poisoner's marriage proposal to save his, CY's, life and asked her to be by his side for however long she has left in Goryo. (And he also stuck a sword to DH's throat and would have offed him right then even if he was slain for it, to prevent DH from manipulating ES, if she didn't stop him). And OMFG their whole conversation once DH storms out - when he asks her to be by his side and she shouldn't be with someone who tried to harm her and she tells him she can't leave DH because she might save his life by staying (long story) and to think if their positions were reversed and then he does this:

Oh, and in ep 18, there was this:

Dying! She asks him if she can stay with him in Goryo! OMFG!!!!!!! But he doesn't want to let her because she's been poisoned again so there is the whole her life is in constant danger if she stays. And then she tells him then she will stay with him every day until it's time to leave but he must promise her to forget her when she leaves and not to seek death or sleep his life away and he does not respond and OMFGOMFGOMFG!

This drama has slain me.


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