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I have checked the end of ep 17 of Faith to make sure the file downloaded correctly, (and found this omg omg omg)

I have NO idea how they got to this point, all I know is I screamed (while watching this hiding in the bathroom, so as not to wake my sleeping family). Eun Soo is getting married to slimeball, to save Choi Young (and the woman is amazing - the man tried to poison her, yet she still can bear to marry him for CY's sake). And Choi Young shows up! Alone! And Eun Soo steps forward, all heedless of everything. Until Gi Chul does his icy hand thing and still, CY keeps looking just at her, not at GC, even as he removes the icy hand off him (YESSS! The look on GC's face is priceless!) And then they step forward to each other, as if they are the only people in the room, and she's blabbering about villages and attacks (has she temporarily turned into CY? :)) and you see him visibly straighten himself and sort of ready himself - his chin comes up as if he's readying for battle (I love that so much!), and he steps forward and bends to her and KISSES HER OMFGOMFGOMFG hyperventilating attack here! Heedless of everyone there (or maybe not heedless but making a very pointed statement). And heeee, Deok Heung's face! As Choi Young is kissing his fiancee in front of him! And my face! At kissing in a sageuk! With some lip movement, too! The Apocalypse is coming! I especially love that ES's eyes are open for a bit, in shock, and then they close and she starts kissing him back. And then opens them again because she is so worried for the both of them. (Btw, Kim Hee Sun is a little stiff in the kissing scene but it's totally appropriate here because ES was not expecting this and also this situation is super-dangerous).

Anyway, before I expire of glee utterly, have some caps. They aren't as good as I normally do them because I was in a hurry but I simply had to have posted them before I went off to work. I needed to share!

I can't believe I spoiled myself, but it was so worth it. I will feel glorious all day.


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