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Oh MY. This episode was so satisfying on every level.

So, Young Ran's ex believes she tried to kill him. Hmmm. Seeing how hung up YR was on him, I can't see that. She's a psycho but that just doesn't jive. I wonder if stepmom somehow framed Young Ran back way when. If that is the case, I can see YR ending up with her ex somehow after all - they are both broken people, after all, who are still hung up on each other. I have to say, even though seeing YR thwarted is very satisfying, I don't loathe her the way I do spoiled brat In Ha (yeah, yeah, you have PTSD, there is still no excuse for being an awful human being. If his mother actually raised him instead of spoiling him, he could have been a human being).

Anyway, on to other things.

Ji Ho shut out...I confess I like it better than the fake warmth YR used to give him because at least he is not being fooled. Btw, why does nobody ever move out in kdramas? JH can afford to live by himself and he won't have to share space with people who hate him, rifle through his things and sabotage him. Seriously, rent an apartment, dude!

They are pretty much perfection together. The way she cheers him up and the way he makes her light up. I love them! I melted when he asked her to cheer on In Ha because he needs it and she was all 'you need it too' and he told her something like 'but I have you.' AWWWWWWWWW.

That's 'crazy stalker called me but I have to be polite because he is my boyfriend's family' face. In Ha has NO idea how human interactions work, does he? I mean, even if she was predisposed to like him, his actions would drive any sane woman off...

See, healthy interactions involve couples who both like and want to be around each other, don't badger and treat each other as equals. Not a possession to be claimed without any volition of its own.

Oh, this was SO satisfying! Ji Ho getting his own back and YR falling apart. And then standing there with Dami as a statement and In Ha's face seeing it. Mmmmmm. Yum. Cheaters never prosper, Momster and Kid!

Oh, I am a bad bad person but I slurped it up! Cry some more, In Ha! I want you to suffer! And cry some more, Young Ran! Your tears taste like candy! Basically, I can rewatch this scene when I need a pick-me-up. Heh. (Side note - Ji Chang Wook is so gorgeous it's unreal. I didn't find him so sporting that insane mop in Warrior Baek Dong Soo, but here - RAWR. A pity In Ha is such a waste of a human being, but I look forward to JCW's next outing as a studly hero).

This was so perfect. Poor Ji Ho trying to be happy but it's such a Pyrrhic victory for him (because unlike his mother and half-brother, he actually has a soul. You just know they would have partied and gleed in his misery if they won). And Dami helps him express it and break down, and then she holds him and cuddles him as he cries. That was so perfect! I love that this couple touches each other all the time - I was yelling for her to go over and hold him and she did. Like real couples would.

She makes him pinky-swear to always come to her when he is distressed and then this happens. He is so tender with her! They kill me! Also, height difference FTW!

In Ha, give it up! She is seriously one step away from filing for a restraining order.

And this scene sums up why In Ha's only dating relationship should be with a Real Doll. He shows up, calls Dami 'my girl' despite her telling him she is no such thing, and pretty much tells her he doesn't care what she feels, it's what he feels what matters, and he wants her and so will win her from his brother. As if she is a prize, a thing, something with no volition or opinion of her own. He even tells Ji Ho to give her up to him, once again, as if she is a thing. Psycho! I do love that Dami stomps on it and tells him that (a) keep it up, and she won't meet him even as a friend (b) he should know she never liked him romantically as she's told him so repeatedly (c) she likes Ji Ho (d) In Ha's behavior is appalling. I love you, Dami! Though now Young Ran knows her precious spoiled darling wants Dami, I have a feeling she'd like nothing better than to kidnap her and wrap her up in ribbons and give her to him. Talk about a psycho Mom.


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