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Bridal Mask ep 23 was amazing. Not that this is news.

I know I keep saying it, but I love how steady and comforting they are with each other. I love their quiet stolen moments.

This scene gave me chills, with Shunji yanking KT's chain about Mok Dan and KT freaking out but not able to do anything.

He tries to warn her but she decides to stay to avert suspicion. The woman has ovaries of steel. As she proves in her confrontation with repulsive Shunji.

They are such darlings - he was so worried for her and she reassures him and even those brief moments in a public place bring them so much peace.

I've also watched Arang and the Magistrate ep 3 and it's official - I am in a tiny perverse minority who is not smitten by this drama. Don't get me wrong - it's gorgeously filmed and it's interesting enough, but I lack any emotional connection or involvement in it at all. My care for this people is nil. I keep reading that people were so moved by Arang's arc in ep 3 and I felt nothing. Nothing at all. I also keep spacing out during the celestia;. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it quite a lot - I just don't really love it, the way I thought I would. Hopefully it will change though.

I do like his growing feelings for her - the way he looks stunned when he sees her dressed up, the way he defends her from other ghosts, the way he tries to protect her from seeing her own dead body. He is much more emotionally involved than she is, at this point.


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