K2H - ep 3

Mar. 29th, 2012 10:08 pm
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First, to get two nitpicks out of the way: (1) can we please get rid of the horrifyingly cringe-worthy English scenes? Seriously. Just make them all evil Koreans or something and (2) the villain. I was amused by him for the first two eps but by now I want him kept to a minimum (which they thankfully seem to be doing) or, even better, to disappear entirely to go be in a Batman movie.

But everything else is super super love! I continue to love the insane chemistry between Jae Ha and Hang Ah. Every time they have one of their fights, I am left wondering which one is going to crack first and pin the other against the wall.

You can just tell that JH is very drawn to HA even though he doesn't realize it - just watch how jealous (again!) he gets when he sees her horsing around with Shi Kyung. Or this scene:

Is it hot here or is it just me?

And of course, both of them are so good for going for the jugular. Exhibit 1 (though I loved that when she cried, he totally was taken aback, he clearly expected a verbal smackdown and, to his credit, looked horrified. Temper, temper, JH!)

Exhibit 2 - this was so good! She is as good as verbal evisceration, as he is.

One of the things, I really love is that while he can be stunningly immature when the mood hits him (and clearly it's a deliberate choice), he does have plenty of guts (as the scenes with the bomb and the UN both demonstrate in their different ways) when it matters and that royal temper which actually also comes in useful. I think all he needs is a catalyst - a crisis situation or, alternatively, danger to someone he cares for.

In conclusion, you stand up for your woman, Jae Ha!

Bring on ep 4!


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