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My love affair with Battlestar Galactica was complicated - I loved the first two seasons, liked the third one and truly disliked the last one. But whatever my ups and downs with the show itself, there was one constant - my adoration of Helo/Athena (Karl Agathon/Sharon Valerii), one of my Top 10 tv OTPs.

He was a human pilot, one of the few last survivors of the Cylon holocaust, stranded on the burned-out shell of his planet. She was a Cylon sent to manipulate and seduce him as part of an experiment. And then they fell in love.

As a result, they went pretty much against everything and everyone - she rejected her programming (Helo is awesome enough to make a robot fall in love :P) and went against her people, committing to the human cause despite distrust and hatred of every single other human except for Helo. And Helo saw her as a human, as a person to be loved, not a machine, and went pretty much against everyone on Galactica for her. And somehow, despite all the star-crossed insanity, they were the most functional couple on the show - they would die for each other and they would live for each other (and their child), but most importantly, they were genuinely happy together.

I loved both of them individually as well - Athena was quietly strong, insanely brave (not just in the military sense, but in the fact that she rejected pretty much everything she was, just as Helo rejected all the beliefs humans had about Cylons). And I loved Helo so much because he had a ridiculous amounts of integrity, compassion, and will. I always loved that Athena fell for him because he was good. The scene where he thinks Athena has been kidnapped by Cylons (not knowing it's part of the experiment), and he's alone and wounded and terrified out of his mind (because even one Cylon is stronger than he is, let alone an army of them), and he still sets out to rescue her because he must. OMFG!!! I think this is the scene where Athena fell in love with him. This is certainly where I got on the OTP bandwagon to never get off.

Have a MV:

Oh, How I loved the Fighting Agathons! I even wrote fic. I shipped them from the first episode of the first season to the final episode of the last season. And I got unbelievably lucky - despite BSG's obsession with grimness and death, they were pretty much the sole characters who got a happy ending. (Unless you are into Baltar and...not going there).

And here is a non-embeddable one I love.

This one is my favorite

Ahhh, I feel like a rewatch!


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