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We just got back from Captain America, which wasn't bad but didn't grab me as much as the Iron Man movies or Thor (those I adored). Didn't help that (a) Chris Evans is not really my cup of tea (b) love interest was boring - I spent most of the movie slashing him with his BFF (c) come on, make the Nazis the antagonists, not some Nazi-type group.

I am usually not a picky action/superhero fangirl (I loved GI Joe) but this was merely OK.

Two best things about the movie? After the credits, they show a teaser for The Avengers and I want want want want! Any movie that has Samuel L. Jackson, Tony Stark AND Thor in it, is getting my fangirl money and hormones asap.

Second thing? They showed a trailer for John Carter (which used to be 'John Carter of Mars since it is based on Edgar Rice Burroughs book of the same name, but I guess they thought it would be unhip or something) and I would have been making grabby hands at the screen if possible. Read the book ages ago and enjoyed it - I am very prone to cheesy Victorian/Edwardian adventure novels. Plus, any movie that stars Taylor Kitsch (what an appropriate last name!) as a long-haired angsty warrior wearing little more than leather straps has my vote of approval. Trailer:

Not so good? The trailer for new Spiderman. Ugh! The first of the three Raimi Spidey movies was less than 10 years ago, why on earth does it need a reboot? Also, it looks horrible and the leading man is just - no. Tobey Maguire was perfect in the role despite not looking like my dream man. This guy is the blandest thing since sliced bread, perfect for the boring trailer. People in our theater actually laughed at it, which doesn't bode well.


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