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1. I am so excited for the upcoming 'special' (i.e. short) drama My Love, Ugly Duckling because it stars Kang Ji Hwan and Li Ji Ah, two of my favorites (Hong Gil Dong and Sujini - ahhhh).

Here is a youtube teaser - I still have no idea what it is about but who cares.

2. To the list of upcoming 2009 dramas I am excited about (Take Care of the Lady, Chuno, IRIS, Heading to the Ground) we add a fifth - Suspicious Heroes, about a guy who loses everything and then becomes some sort of a hero. Blah blah blah, who cares, it stars Lee Jun Ki and Han Ji Min. OMGOMGOMG. To air in November.

3. All those who are not watching Swallow the Sun, why not? As my list of favorite OTPs seemed to indicate, my preferred ship type is of the 'he worships the ground she walks on' variety and StS has it in such delicious abundance.

Here is a scene from ep 11 as summarized by Luv from soompi: JW was telling SH about his past...how he was abandoned right after he was born. He told her about the his memory of her bright eyes...he wanted to destroy the farm so she would like him. (She's rich and he's poor...if he destroys the farm then they'll be equal). But he knows...she's someone he can't have and he shed tears. He told himself that next time when they meet...he'll have confidence in himself.(This part is when they're still kids). But when they met again...he already sold his soul. He's shameful and can only look at her from far away. Falling in love with her would be a sin so he'll keep the pain to himself. SH said she had never seen eyes that were so sad. She said they should comfort each other and cure each other.

Mmm. And then he leaves her, leaving her a note that he will come back for sure and be worthy. Oh YES.

4. I have now watched the first episode of Worlds Within and I adore it ridiculously - is so lowkey but very effective.


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