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Two episodes in, and it's official: I adore To Get Her the way I haven't adored a twdrama since last year's Why Why Love. The plots of the two are quite different but both share more than just the leading lady. They also have this delightful combination of a sea of fluffiness with a perfectly mixed in underpinning of angst, and an easy, friendly chemistry between the leads. Mmmmmm. In fact, I might end up liking it more than WWL, depending on how it goes, as Jiro > Mike, for me.

I think it was [livejournal.com profile] ambergold who said this is like a fluff version of Mars and I can so see that. Of course, Mars was incredibly dark, dealing with child abuse, and suicide and violence issues, and TGH is in another universe from any of that, but I can definitely see where she is coming from: Momo is quiet and in her own world, but the opposite of a pushover. In fact, she is probably the strongest character in this, and won't budge from what she thinks she ought to do. The girl might be tiny but she has the spine of steel. Also, how could I not adore a manga-obsessed character who reads when she walks? And Mars (the character) is loud and outgoing and outwardly very confident (not to mention twice Momo's size) but in reality he is rather a big kid who is incredibly insecure about being liked and has no idea how to cope with his fall from grace. And under the brattiness he seems rather a nice guy and the way he always looks like he can't believe when Momo does something nice for him, in her off-hand, no-nonsense way, is rather adorable.

Did I mention that I adore Momo's friend? I haven't seen something like that in a drama before. Is it me or is he somewhat retarded? I mean not in the insulting sense but a clinical one - stuck at 7 or 8 or so.

Also, I have never seen a twdrama (except for Smiling Pasta) which deals with the drama world/idols before, so this is quite interesting - I can't say it paints a pretty picture, but they should be considering themselves lucky they aren't working for JE - at least in this one the casting couch was ran by a lady :P

I also love the very pretty way it's filmed. Oh, and Rainie's hair, which gives her an almost spaceman image. She is so awesome in this, btw - both odd and closed in and yet warm and human. And Jiro is equally good at goofy and intense.

Anyway, this is a keeper.

But if my crush on Jiro gets any bigger, he'll overtake Wu Chun as my favorite member of Farenheit and I don't know if that's legal.


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