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Meteor Garden just got really interesting for me because it veered off from the anime so I have no idea what's coming. Yessss (the reason they did that is because both were in production when manga was still running and MG was done later than the anime so they had more stuff to go on).

I loved SC's confrontation with DMS' evil mom: calling her freaking old witch was great but my fave was her retort "if your son is so precious, why don't you put a leash on him and tie him up at home." Heeeee. I also oved F3 telling her she if she really wants to spite his mother, she should date DMS. They are good friends to him.

And then of course DMS' mother bought out her apartment and had her thrown out on the street and she ends up wandering the streets, no sure what to do (hint: call DMS and ask for a loan :P). I do love her practicality, she is all "am I really going to sleep on the street? Well, I guess I'll find out."

And, a scene comes up that makes me go 'uber-awwww' when she wanders the street and DMS comes looking for her and landlord is all "she left, no idea where" and you finally see her and she ended up at the pavillion where she and DMS broke up and she finally sees her phone battery was dislodged so she fixes it and sees there are 10 messages and she listens to them and they are all from DMS and are basically all "I am worried like crazy about your whereabouts" phrased in his inimitable way as (e.g.) "crazy woman, where the hell are you, I only have so much patience" heeeeee. And she starts crying as she is listening and she looks up and he is there and he looks so worried and relieved at the same time and he just folds her into this huge hug as she starts crying and going 'sorry' and he whispers 'at last I've found you' etc etc and how he is sorry for slapping her (I am not. Seriously :P) and he keeps holding her and repeating "please stop running away from me" and they are both kinda crying and awwwww.

And he takes her home (!!!!) to the Mom who evicted her (though I don't think either knows about that. I love DMS because he never backs down and it willing to confront problems head-on, that's for sure. And he tells her if things get too heated, he'll stand in front of her :) But Mom has left and left a crusty housekeeper instead and the housekeeper basically goads SC (who has a hell of a temper, just like DMS. I love Lei's quip earlier "No wonder DMS likes you, you are both so violent." :D) into taking a job as a maid to stay in the house even though DMS hits the roof at the idea (but the boy is learning, he finally just goes "it's up to you, do whatever you like" when she indicates otherwise she'll leave) and she tells him she'd like to 'fight at his side.' EEEEEEP. Certainly gives new meaning to fringe benefits. Especially when the housekeeper, who does have a soft spot for DMS, makes him her personal maid and she has to wake him up in the morning (with ogling involved) :)

And I love the scene where his friends goad him into calling her and telling her that he will be coming to her room at midnight and I love SC sitting there, sorta debating with herself (and I swear, she is a bit tempted) and then she decides "hey, I work for him, this is sexual harassment, I'll just leave" and opens the door and there he is and instead he drags her out on the terrace and sets up a telescope so they can watch a meteor shower together (and the priceless thing is, he is doing something so romantic and being DMS-like grouchy at the same time. That boy just has no clue and tries so hard). And he gives her a meteor-shaped necklace and she doesn't want to take it and he says "To give a present to a girl I love, do I need a reason?" and awwww. And they kiss. Yessss. And then he asks her if she wants to e his girlfriend (endearingly, the translator subtitled it as "would you like to go steady?" How deliciously 50s). And she tells him "Do you still want to go out with me if I tell you I love you 1/10 as much as you love me?" and he is kinda indignant and then he goes "OK." And he says that he will try to make her feel the other 9/10 and he won't force her, if it won't work out, they'll go completely separate ways. And he says he doesn't like dragging things out so lets try this for 2months. And she tells him she will give him an answer in the morning (girl, are you a FREAKING idiot??? Come on, jump his grouchy bones). And then she is all up and hyper and energetic in the morning and she goes to wake him up and he is sitting up, already dressed, and he tells her he couldn't sleep and she says "yes" and he kinda goes into a trance (and seriously, the guy should never EVER have a dancing career btw).

And then SC asks him out on a date and he isall excited until she is "it's a double date with my friend and her bf" and he gets all mad and says he doesn't want to go and she yells at him that she doesn't want to be the one always accomodating him, and he should adjust to her too and he is all indignant "why should I?" and his friends are "DMS is not like a normal person, he doesn't know the meaning of compromise" and she yells at him and storms off. And then the morning of the date she shows up to meet the people to tell them that DMS couldn't make it and she just came to say it and will be going now and as she backs away, she runs smack into...DMS. Who has his best party manners on and even says "nice to meet you" (not to mention looks scrumptious in a white shirt). And they are cute and argumentative together. Nice to see them working out things, even if it is with a battering ram, because they are both so alpha, he and she. Of course, the date isn't that good because the friend's bf is basically an awful cringy nightmare and SC has to spend the whole time difusing the situation but then the couples split up and she drags him with her on a rollecoaster and they actually have oodles of fun. And she coaxes him to smile, in one of my fave scenes. She is all 'smile, smile' so he does a fake fixed one (dimples!!!!) and she starts giggling at how silly it looks so he can't help but start grinning. I love the crazy kids. He really has little idea how to interact (definitely not a people person) and is high-handed and grumpy but she is too pushy and uncompromising and horribly emotionally dense and they so work for each other.

In other news, I saw 7 eps of Last Exile and I got kinda bored. None of the characters interest me much, as it's more plot heavy than character heavy. Granted, it took me 18 eps to get into HYD but that had weird artwork and was a show that was twice as long. OTOH, Husband really loves it.

ETA: Watched some more MG and OMG, Shi Mein and SC's friend having a fake date to show DMS and SC the way? Hilarious. I do love the fact that the two secondary F4s really really genuinely like women. Yeah, that also makes them playboys, but a relationship with someone like Shi Mein would be a lot more enjoyable while it lasted (though of course DMS will do anything to keep the girl and love her forever, it's so much more peaceful without constant fighting). The whole set-up with candles and flowers etc that got "misedelivered?" ROFL. And DMS going "oh, I never gave you flowers, so here, have those" is also hilarious. So is their atrocious dancing. They are suuuuch oddballs. Of course, it ends up in a huge fight (what else is new) but that's good because it saves them from the Evil Mother who's just gotten back. Though he does seem to be willing with her on fool's errands to see if her friend is being seduced and he is kinda consistantly (and amusingly) trying to fatten her up because she is too skinny and he wants to take care of her, and he feeds her from his fork. Seriously, they are nutters. Also, I've decided I want to have a batty old housekeeper like Auntie Jade. "I like you, SC, because DMS used to get into a lot of trouble when he was younger and the family got distant and get into fights every day and so he just needed someone to stand their ground with him and pay attention. Soyou totally have to sleep with him and have his baby and then his mother will shut up." Seriously, I want a batty relative like that.


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