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1. Check out this gorgeous, shippy Faith MV:

2. I am currently following three dramas (Faith, Nice Guy, Five Fingers). This is pretty much a perfect number because it's enough to sate my drama love while giving me enough free time for other things. And it looks like the 'three' pattern will continue for the rest of the year. Faith ends next week (sob!) but I Miss You starts that same week (different channel. I have no interest in Faith's replacement drama - it's very much not my thing). Five Fingers will be replaced by Cheonamdong Alice, which I need to watch because Park Shi Ho! and Nice Guy is being replaced by Jeon Woo Chi, which I definitely plan to check out due to my love of fantasy and plot, and just hope Cha Tae Hyun will surprise me and make my dislike of him disappear.

3. In addition to the above, the only (possibly) winter dramas on my radar are:

* This Winter The Wind Blows - the dark romance melodrama from the amazing Noh Hee Kyung, with Jo In Sung, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Bum, Park Eunji. The only way I am missing checking it out is if I get hit by the bus
* IRIS 2 - I get to see Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae romance each other again. Everything else is immaterial.
* That rumored Kang Ji Hwan/Hwang Jung Eum drama the plot of which sounds insane. But only if KJH is on board (it's by the people who made History of a Salaryman and humorous/satirical drama and I don't mix normally).
* Yoon Sang Hyun as an ahjusshi idol one. Because in my head it's a drama all about Oska :P Plus, I think the female lead in this one is much younger than the male lead (because male lead has been in a coma for forever and still thinks he's a twenty-something) and I want that, if for no other reason than as a counterpoint to endless noona romances out there.
* The Legend of the Half-Blood - Lee Seung Gi/Suzi sageuk fantasy. I mean!

Sadly, Joo Won's upcoming drama came off the list the moment they cast Choi Kang Hee. I am just going to pretend that drama doesn't exist. (Though people who keep complaining because RL Joo Won is babyish/immature thus the ten-year-difference is exacerbated must be people who have somehow managed to skip Gaksital, Ojakgyo Brothers and Baker King - i.e., every drama Joo Won has ever made. In all of them he has played dark, manly characters older than his age. His RL persona and his on-screen one are 180 degrees different).

4. I've seen interest in sageuks spike on my flist due to Faith. So, if you haven't yet watched Chuno (also known as Slave Hunters), I am totally here to push it. It's arguably my favorite sageuk, and follows Lee Dae Gil (Jang Hyuk), an aristocrat fallen on hard times who became a slave hunter, as he chases Song Tae Ha (Oh Ji Ho), an unjustly enslaved general who goes on the run to fulfill a secret mission. And then there is Un Nyun (Lee Da Hae), a woman who ends up being the love of both of their lives. This is pretty much a perfect drama in every way. And Tae Ha/Un Nyun- the aristocrat-turned-slave and slave-turned-aristocrat, were my favorite period drama OTP until the Faith OTP knocked them off that spot. (Song Tae Ha remains my favorite kdrama hero, however). Have a great unspoilery, trailer-type MV. The first half focuses on the fights etc and the second on the emotional beats of the story:

And a shippy MV (though, excellent though it is, it doesn't have all my favorite shippy scenes).

FWIW, this is one of the only two kdramas Mr. Mousie has ever watched.


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