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1. [livejournal.com profile] lb_klove has made a wonderful Faith MV here. Check it out!

2. I've watched the first episode of The Paradise and hmmmm. As a British period drama, it's good, as an adaptation of Zola's novel, I feel all the sharp edges and dark corners have been smoothed and lightened out. MMV. It suffered, though, from my watching it in such proximity to the sublime Parade's End.

3. I never did get around to doing a proper post on the last week's eps of Nice Guy, did I? Oops.

I loved the episodes - paradoxically, even with amnesia and hematomas, they felt like the lightest, happiest, most hopeful episodes so far - mainly because the memory loss (EG) and the impermanence (Maru) has, oddly, freed them to be together with no baggage. And oh, how wonderful it is to see that enormous capacity Maru has for caring turn towards a worthy recipient. The episodes reenforce over and over again how little he even thinks of Jae Hee other than as a threat to EG - he doesn't even hate her any more, he just doesn't care. I love that.

4. I have a whole batch of caps for ep 17 of Five Fingers (yes, I am a few eps behind). I continue to enjoy the drama - I see complaints about it but I think it's excellent, mainly because the excellent cast elevates the material.


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