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I am home today so I gave in and watched ep 15 raw, with the help of softy's awesome live summary. Do you know when was the last time I watched a drama raw? City Hunter, over a year ago.

I cried, I swooned, I was left in a state of shock and awe. This was beyond perfect. You know, even in the unlikely event this drama nosedives in its last third, it would have earned a place on my favorites list just due to this episode.

The way Choi Young's composure breaks and he falls apart once he finds out it's poison. He is not stoic any more, he is breaking in front of our eyes. And somehow when he tries to proffer Eun Soo's aspirin bottle to Jang Bin, as some sort of desperate talisman, because it's heavenly medicine, really got me. I almost started bawling right then and there.

He finds DH. And goes for the throat. I was cheering. When he shoved him against the wall and told him that he's killed hundreds of people before and hasn't enjoyed it, but him, him he is going to cut apart slowly, piece by piece, and stabbed him - oooooh. I am clearly certifiable, because I found that insanely romantic. I do find it kinda awesome how even the bad guys in this drama are shippers - DH refers to Eun Soo as "your woman" to CY. DH is by far scarier and smarter than anyone else - everyone else wants the supposed nebulous benefits Eun Soo can bring, but he only sees her as a tool to get something concrete, because he knows that by threatening her, he can use Young as a very effective weapon. This is something Gi Chul hasn't figured out in all these episodes. Though DH is reckless beyond belief. He got Choi Young to work for him, in exchange for the antidote (on which more below) but it's like getting a tiger to work for you - how does he think it will work? Sure, Choi Young won't kill him for as long as he needs the antidote (7 doses at 4 days each buys DH a month of CY's services), but the moment the antidote is done, Choi Young IS going to cut him up piece by piece. Is there any doubt? Even if meanwhile DH (who is triple-crossing everyone) manages to become the King, is there any doubt CY will massacre a battalion if he needs to, to get to him?

It killed me that before he went off to the palace, Young gave his sword to speedy kid, as if he didn't want his sword to see what he was about to do.

This scene! Young comes and asks Gongmin for the royal seal (DH told him he will give him the antidote for the royal seal). And Gongmin, naturally, refuses, so CY fights everyone and takes it. He fights his own men! He goes against his King! If there was any doubt what Choi Young puts first, it is gone - he puts Eun Soo above his King, his country, his men, his duty, his honor. Oh. My. GOD.

Gongmin, quivering with rage, and Nogook, helpless. I love the two of them so. One of the things this interlude is going to teach Gongmin is that everyone has a breaking point - it will teach him about forgiveness.

Yeah, you bought yourself a month with your maneuvres, DH. Good luck with that!

Watching her, helpless. I love how he just holds her hand and talks to her, and keeps talking to her, his voice anchoring her to the world. (And he tells her he will teach her fishing. AWWWWWW!)

Her nightmare is finding Young dead. Their greatest fear is losing each other. Oh my God. Oh my God. But his joy when he hears her voice! They kill me. They are my OTP of the year so so so so so much.

Nogook comforting Gongmin, and Gongmin realizing that Young did leave him an out. I love how these characters are smart and good and fight their best.

With his aunt. He is wondering if he should go with Eun Soo to heaven. YES! YES! Fuck history!

This scene. THIS. I couldn't breathe. I already rewatched it three times. The way she stretches out her hand, the way she tries her best to talk him out of his guilt for introducing DH to her, the way she asks to lean on him - the easy, wordless physical intimacy and comfort that is nonetheless so charged I want to look away from, as it's too private to intrude onto. The way they fit into each other. The way he holds her hand. The way she explains she figured out the dates and the gate opens in a month so she has to go then or else another won't open until 67 years later, much too late for her. OMFG! No! That means if she leaves, she won't be able to come back until after he is dead even if she changes her mind. No! They have a month left! No!!!! NO!!!!! This drama is going to kill me. Almost as much as their mute wordless acceptance of their fate. NO!!!!!

And then there is this scene! Where he helps to make her medicine! And she cajoles him to feed it to her because it's bitter, making faces like a kid - and he helps her drink, supporting her, cuddling her (heeee, aunt and uncle's faces at seeing the deadly warrior play nursemaid so tenderly. They are such shippers!). And their smiles and just - guuuuuuh. But the second he leaves, she collapses in pain, and you see that she is as brave and as considerate as he is - she did that little act so he wouldn't figure out she couldn't move her hands and is in horrible pain. OHHHHHH. You kill me. YOU KILL ME.

You are about to be dead, DH. And I will cheer!

Perfect episode. As it always is when the two are together, against the world and with nobody else to interfere. I was worried they'd go back to the palace but this - oh my GOD.

I am in a haze. If these two do not end up together, history and time travel paradoxes be damned, there is no justice in the world.


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