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Recent scouring of amazon for period novels brought forth the following:

1. I cannot resist any book involving Rupert of the Rhine. I blame reading Margaret Irwin's The Stranger Prince during my formative years. I mean, normally I at least read the reviews first before buying a book, but throw in "Rupert, civil war, battles, and some romance" and I click "purchase" like a Pavlovian dog.

2. There is apparently a whole sub genre of novels about ladies who married Elizabeth I's boyfriends. Ummm...

3. It is impossible to find a good pirate novel that doesn't involve heaving bosoms and coy references to fleshly swords. I love romance novels but seriously - just one (in print, available on Kindle) pirate novel that doesn't fall into that genre, please! I can find few scenarios less appealing that being stuck, seasick, with a man who likely has both a death warrant and pubic lice.

4. I am still obsessed with reading books on Richard III but remain confused by the "did he off the princes in the tower" fixation books about him have (good or bad) - umm, he could have, who cares? Medieval (and after) kings were all a nasty lot and did a lot worse to stay in power - look at Henry VIII wholesale rooting out of anyone with any claim to the crown or the whole Richard II/Henry IV thing.


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