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Best Episode yet. Even if by now I believe the entire cast needs to go either to a regular hospital, a mental hospital, jail, or some combo thereof.

The scene where he gives the market folks their papers and the man who burned his house down thanks him (ah, the irony), I get such a feeling that Kang To is doing all this for his brother - he's acting the way his brother would have, and accepts the thanks for him.

It's interesting to see Shunji's last ditch attempt to protect Mok Dan, his futile gasps of not being evil. But of course, with his father, this is fruitless. Daddy orders Shunji to slit either her throat or his own heart. WTF psycho! I dislike Shunji but I feel horrid for him here, looking like a lost kid.

I love that Damsari et. al. are wondering if Kang To is Gaksital only to dismiss it because Damsari saw KT and Gaksital in one place. Hmmmm. Of course, they are also plotting to kill Kang To, so this will be interesting.

I love how happy KT is to go to the circus (he's mellowed out in general - watch him see Abe play) and I cracked up when Mok Dan was all "I'll suck up to him so he'll stick around and not bother Damsari" and then starts wondering "How do I get Kang To to stay by my side?" Oh, all you have to do is breathe, girl. And awww, he's so excited when it seems she missed him. OTP! And then he's flirting! hH's asking her out omfg! (though of course he was not dancing all night as he was being Gaksital). And then there is staring at her in the mirror, omo. And the inevitable cuffs - this drama seems majorly into bdsm. Also, dude, stop doing the 'I am big bad evil Japanese person' speech - not the way to woo her. But the thing is, it all has no anger behind it now but she doesn't know him well enough to tell.

She plans to kill him. Best OTP ever! But...Doesn't she wonder why he doesn't relatiate? But I guess he used to early on and she hasn't processed the change. But the poor dude is so hurt she tried to kill him. And then we get the stare-down over the murder attempt but to Shunji it must look like over love.

Shunji, how dare you hit an ahjumma? I fucking hate you - go on, big brave man, hit an old woman because she voices your own doubts and self-hatred.

And then he points sword at Mok Dan. Dude, you are DONE. I love that SHE HAS INSANO GUTS though. And OMFG, Kang To was going to shoot Shunji because he thought he was going to hurt Mok Dan. Even though that is Shunji and it would completely out him. But hooray for Shunji, he only has her arrested. What a great humanitarian.

I love the scene in the car, with Kang To being very contained but you can see how he is panicking and miserable to see her arrested, in cuffs, having to take her to the station because to refuse would be to out himself - and to know Mok Dan is going through this to protect him, even though she doesn't know it's him.

Kishokai chair is so smart - he first controlled Rie through terror and now pride. And of course she'll be hunting Gaksital now. Hmmm. Btw, I know everyone loves Rie but I don't. She's pretty and smart but evil, i.e., not my thing.

You know, her being chained up like that and questioned is going to confirm Mok Dan's worldview that there is no point being friendly with anyone even remotely connected to the regime because eventually they will all turn into monsters. And yeah, she got chained on Kang To's orders (while he's freaking out inside) but she already views him as dirt. But it's the fact that Shunji ordered it that is the real kicker. As I commented earlier, when KT had her dragged into the police station, she was a random rabble-rouser to him. The moment he learned who she was, he'd never thought of hurting a hair on her head, despite his conversations. But Shunji knows who she is - supposedly the love of his life, and has no problem chaining her up. If he's willing to do it to his most important person, he truly is a monster. (The thing is, even when he was good, he always came across as malleable to me, much more so than Kang To who stubbornly went his own way in everything, so it's not surprising the environment and Daddy are turning him into something entirely else really quick).

OMFG, the scene when he telling her torture survival tips and telling her to give in to torture and scream and tell them everything about Bridal Mask and, of course she thinks he's telling her to betray her hero because he's a Japanese flunkie, without realizing he's giving her carte blanche to sell him out - OMFG. And of course, he asks her again 'do you really not know me?' and it's such a loaded question because he doesn't just mean her first love this time, he asks her if she really doesn't know he's Gaksital and...my heart.

Meeep, Goiso told Shunji that KT reached for his gun to protect Mok Dan! Shunji is going to realize KT loves her. Hmmm. Seeing he's a psychopath now, not so good. What he sees doesn't help. Btw, that's some awesome protecting you are doing now, psycho Shunji!

FUCCCCCCCK HE HITS HER! OK, I want someone to slowly gut you. I don't even care if Kang To gets out of this alive, as long as someone stabs you in the face, psycho sick bastard! I love how KT surges forward and then has to stop himself. And then Shunji orders Kang To to whip Mok Dan until she reveals Gaksital's name, which is so fucked up I have no words. They are officially the most fucked-up OTP in existence (and somewhere a BDSM person is really enjoying this) and also Shunji must die in a horrible horrible way, please! I bet he's getting extra kicks because he knows KT likes her and thinks she might like him back. Also, genius - what if she doesn't know the name?

Holy Fuck, Kang To looks like he wants to die, but he whips her?! UMMMMM WHUT!!! I officially just want every male character in this to die except Damsari. I mean, I know why he does it - it's not like anyone will let her go if he betrays himself, it will actually probably be worse for everyone, but still WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK.

OK, psychopath Shunji - was it some sort of insane game of chicken, seeing how he looks appalled Kang To followed orders? If that was your way of finding out whether KT likes her, you are a sick sick fuck.

Is that Rie?! Masquerading as a nun in a holding cell to get info from Mok Dan?!

Rie holding Mok Dan in mock comfort is horrifying.

Oh, poor Kang To, you feel so bad! I don't give a fuck! Grrrrrrrr. OTOH, his pit of self-loathing now must be the size of the Indian Ocean.

Every time I see Shunji now, I want to stab him.

YESSSS, Kang To wrote a letter of resignation and smacked it on Shunji's desk. Way to go! And he makes it about not being allowed on the Gaksital case so...ooooh, clever. "Do you think I came this far just to torture a wench whom you love in your place, Superintendant?" MMMMMM, buuuurn.

And of course Shunji asks for his help to catch Gaksital. I love the self-loathing bitter look on Kang To's face...And he hits Shunji, not for reasons Shunji thinks. (For the record, I don't think the letter was a ploy - he couldn't give the real reason for resignation of course. But once Shunji offered, he couldn't not stay on due to it being great information-gathering position, even though you see him hating himself for it).

Only in this drama would the OTP interaction be Kang To watching beaten-up and bloodied Mok Dan sleep behind bars. While sort of crying over the injuries he gave her. Of course, since Rie is there, she is going to figure out he loves her. By this point, everyone will know except Mok Dan herself.

Something tells me Mok Dan is going to despise Shunji a lot more than she does Kang To, because she never expected anything decent from the latter, but the former was her friend who claimed he was oh-so-different.

Shunji, the fact that you have the gall to talk to Mok Dan about protecting her and then blames her for the fact that he had her whipped and makes it all about himself - oh, seriously, why has nobody killed you yet? You give me indigestion every time you appear on the screen.

I love it when she tells him off. I love even more that Shunji looks shocked - brain trust, what did you expect?

Rie is a slap-happy psycho. Oh God, I love this drama but hate most of the characters.

"I think I am becoming weird because of Gaksital" - Shunji, that's the understatement of the century. Especially since he then says he's isn't sure if he loves Mok Dan, but he's sure he'd kill Gaksital in front of her eyes if he caught him. Yo, psych ward called, they want their fave patient back!

Lamest assassination attempt ever.

Shunji is now having a good time whipping people. That's quite a trip from a gentle elementary school teacher. I knew he was a Kimura.

Holy fuck, the captive wasn't answering Kang To about the leader so he took an insane risk and put on Gaksital costume (thankfully after knocking captive out). Inside the police station! Insane! I love you!

Hmmm, preview makes me nervous because Mok Dan seems to confess the plan to the 'nun.' Oh no!

Btw, after this episode, I am angry at Kang To - I don't care what sort of situation he was in - whipping Mok Dan is unacceptable. I don't want him to be happy with her - I want him to suffer and suffer and suffer. And get an epic beating himself. I might reconsider if he saves her life at the risk of his own. 'Might' being the operative word.

I need tomorrow's ep!


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