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1. Respond to everyone...

2. Catch up on The King 2 Hearts eps 13-14, Love Rain 11-14 (bliss!!!) and Queen In Hyun's Man eps 5-6. I am putting aside The Equator Man to binge when it's done.

3. Clear up and post caps of eps 3-4 of QIHM - such a perfect, shippy, gorgeous drama. And Bung Do is such an amazing hero - smart, good, laid-back. Yoo Inna's heroine is wonderful and loveable too.

4. Read Cassandra Clare's latest in Mortal Instruments series, "City of Lost Souls." I eat up that series and the angsty angsty lurve between Clary and Jace with a big spoon. Though I think the premise of CoLS, in which Clary's used-to-think-he-was-her-brother-but-he-wasn't boyfriend gets possessed by her demonic-real-life-brother and there might be make-outs, reaches the levels of insanity not seen since CLAMP or Vampire Knight. Bring it on, people!

4. Start Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Born of Night," the first one in her League series. Love me some space opera, love me some romance, loved the other book in the series I read, and also met the protagonists of this one in the other book and thought they were awesome. The super-tall, super-strong invincible half-human former assassin and tiny dancer gal/daughter of a president that he rescues and who can wind him around her finger is a scenario made for me. Plus, I know Kenyon, h/c is going to be out of this world.

5. Finish Lauren Kate's "Fallen" quartet, at least the three books that are out. I am a sucker for paranormal romance YA (ummm, paranormal romance in general) and got 2/3 through this on my plane ride. Addiction! In Fallen, Luce, our teenage, sent-to-reform-school, seeing creepy visions heroine, finds out that she is one half of a super-doomed, super-punished couple - she keeps reincarnating over and over and over through the centuries only to die at the moment she and her equally punished OTP get together (he is a powerful sort-of-fallen angel and his punishment is to stay alive and remember everything only for it to happen over and over again no matter what he does). They are in their own cdrama! Only this time, she's not been baptized or brought up in any religion, so if she dies, that is the end, no reincarnation or anything. And a lot of supernatural bad guys are interested in that. On plus side, she also didn't die when they got together. Now, if she can only keep staying alive! Anyway, I love it to bits and ship the OTP. The whole thing would make a fun CW show but I am glad it's been left alone because you just know the makers would stick her with bad-boy Cam and not her OTP (see Vampire Diaries, adaptation of...).

6. Sleep. I am so jetlagged.
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