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1. The awesome [livejournal.com profile] mookiehyun linked me to this 'action' teaser for Chu-Han Contention. Ahhhhhh! That is what I think of when I think of Chu-Han Contention, not Ming Dao and Joey Chen making romcom goo-goo eyes at each other as the most uncanon couple in history (no, I am not appalled at the Yong Zheng drama, why do you ask?). But then this is from the people who made Three Kingdoms, so they know their way around filming battles. Also, I didn't realize, but Ruby Lin has been cast as Yu Ji (for those unfamiliar with the story - that means she's Peter Ho's OTP and one of two leading ladies). I am...relieved. She's not my ideal Yu Ji (who would probably be Liu Shi Shi) but she's beautiful, age-appropriate and, while not someone who made me obsessed about her characters, never had me dislike a character of hers either. The only thing is...she's tiny. She will need a stepladder if there are to be any non-horizontal PDAs. LOL. Gives a whole new meaning to the Russian phrase of 'pocket wife.' Good thing I adore height differences.

Oh, and have another pic I found (thanks, spcnet!) of Peter Ho as Xiang Yu, BAMF of Ancient Times :P

2. I have no idea why I am anticipating Xuanyuanjian. It's the same type of drama/by the same people as Chinese Paladin 1, which I hated, and Chinese Paladin 3 (where I watched only for Wallace Huo and Tang Yan and their story). But! I cannot resist Hu Ge. Especially playing a baddie. A baddie with an OTP. Mmmmmm. Call me an eternal optimist. Plus, surely, some newbie dude who plays the hero Lin Geng Xin's hero (yes, BuBuJingXin's 14th Prince is the lead, and opposite Liu Shi Shi. 14/RuoXi shippers rejoice!) simply cannot be as annoying as Hu Ge's protagonist in CP3. Too bad LGX does zip for me (though maybe a little here, because he looks a bit like Eddie Peng in this get-up). But aaaaaaaah, Hu Ge! I am Team Bad Guy on this one.

The official MV sure is pretty and hits every one of my kinks:

I am amused that, once again, Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi share a drama without being an OTP. WTF, Tangren? They have crazy chemistry. I spent a decent chunk of Chinese Paladin 3 wanting their brother-and-sister characters to tear each other's clothes off against the wall.

In conclusion, you can rule my world any time, Bad Guy!


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