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I have watched ep 23 of Boys Over Flowers. It had break-ups and break-downs, but honestly, I am tired of the main OTP mess. Let's instead talk about the adorableness of Yi Jung/Ga Eul.

Ga Eul comes to tell Yi Jung she has found his first love's message (side note: I always thought that was the most convoluted, ridiculous way to confess ever. Also, why did she give up when he didn't show up. For all she knew, he overslept or something).

Seriously, Yi Jung, I know it sucks, but let's face it, you could be the lead in East of Eden and get beaten, imprisoned, and disowned before you turn 17...oh, wait! Well, closure is good though...

Scene 2, which was adorableness itself:

"Shall I go in. Last time I saw the dude, he was having a nervous breakdown and who wants to have to deal with it twice?"

Only Yi Jung would be dressed to the nines while messing with sticky, dirty substances...

Did I mention the adorableness?

Darn phone! Also, evil Mama Kang, you shouldn't interrupt with your 'fire Ga Eul's Dad' schemings when my OTP looks so shiny happy. Plus, do we really want Yi Jung move back into his condo in emoland?

2. I didn't post about it, but a few weeks I watched Antique Bakery movie and it was very delightful. Mmmm.

3. I am rewatching Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, one of my favorite Bollywood movies which deals with a touchy subject of infidelity - I love its flawed protagonists. Here is a MV I found, mainly because I like this Polish song.


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