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Re: BOF. It's no secret that by now I am basically in it for Ji Hoo (I want him to get happiness whichever way), Woo Bin's amusingness, and Yi Jung/Ga Eul.

So imagine my delight when I found the following picture on [livejournal.com profile] hydkorea.

Also apparently the following happens at some point (how very kdrama, heeeee):

Yi Jeong realizes that Ga Eul, not Eun Jae, is the one who has constantly been by his side during his recent phase of self-destruction.
Ga Eul makes up her mind to leave Yi Jeong alone, feeling that she is making things more difficult for him. However, Yi Jeong pulls Ga Eul into a hug and says with tears, “Everyone who I like leaves me…..that’s why I can’t hold onto you”. Ga Eul responds, “I still like you….but you have Eun Jae”. She turns around to leave; however, Yi Jeong stops Ga Eul and kisses her. “I think I know now…… why something drew me to you…. I think I know,” he says. “Trust me.”

Hey, if she wants a mess, but a hot and rich mess, why not? Making a go of it is so much more realistic than the supposedly-starcrossed-but-really-not thing they are doing with the main otp.

How very Bollywood romance location of them. Dare I hope this version will actually give them *gasp* a happy ending?

Seriously, it so makes me think of the field in DDLJ's Tujhe Dekha Tho Ye Jaana Sanam:

Now I shall amuse myself by imagining Yi Jung and Ga Eul dancing and singing :P


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