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EEEE! Got my hands on the English-subbed version of Da Ren Wu (Big Shot or Hero, I have seen it translated both ways), last year's wuxia drama starring Nicholas Tse and Angelica Lee. It's based on a novel I've never read and the plot sounds so delicious:

Naïve, young Tian Si Si (Angelica), the apple of her father’s eye and the sole heir to her family’s riches, believes that she is in love with the great romantic hero, Qin Ge of the Meteor Clan. She dreams of traveling the martial arts world, actually meeting Qin Ge and having adventures just like many of the stories that she has read and heard. From childhood, she has been betrothed to the younger son of General Yang, Yang Fan (Nic), whom she despises.

Handsome, melancholy, talented Yang Fan has been on a mission for his father to secretly investigate the Meteor Clan whose upright reputation and strength has been rising in the martial arts world to rival that of Shaolin and Wudang. He comes back injured and somewhat changed, troubled with memory loss after an investigation. He marries Tian Si Si as his father ordered, but Tian Si Si has other plans for her life and runs away at the first opportunity. She quickly becomes entangled in plots and counter plots as she discovers the real world. Both Yang Fan and Qin Ge are ordered to go after her. All is not what it seems as the Meteor Clan and its members, rivals and government agents are at work behind the scenes.

Seriously, how many ways do I love the premise?

* Couple falling in love after marriage? Check. Though seeing your arranged match is Nicholas Tse it's not really a hardship
* Cooky heroine
* Angst and funniness
* Love triangle
* Nic Tse as the lead (if Handsome Siblings was all about him, it would be such a huge fave). I mean, he doesn't even need to act, he can just stand there and I'll ogle him.

Look at the cute MV for the OTP (with hints of a triangle):

I think I fell for it about the time he let her (she is possessed) stab him through the shoulder. I am so predictable!

I have also got Men and Legends (Dylan Kuo and Peter Ho, does it really need a plot?) and Fairy from Wonderland (finally. I want to see Hu Ge write on the walls in blood).

But all this shall not sate me!

I need Legend of Condor Heroes and I can't find any subs except for Vietnamese yet. I need! Please!!!

I mean, look. I want this now:

OK, will distract self with another favorite wuxia OTP (Flower/Orchid from Handsome Siblings. Angsty assassins and common-sense fighter girls ftw).


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