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I loved Downloaded. The show keeps getting better and better.

First off, the Helo/Boomer baby. I can see why RDM had the baby being given away from a show standpoint (babies ARE show killer and little Leave It To Beaver family, even if Mommy is Cylon would be off-kilter for this show), but BUT. Talking from the characters using their brains standpoint, it's dumb. Roslin showed she is not very rational (or bright even) when it comes to Boomchild, but come on, it's the new height of arrogant dumbness: now they have lost any cooperation from Sharon, who's been extremely useful in the past (heck, I wouldn't be surprised if she turned against humans now), and well...Cylons are less likely to destroy a ship with an important Cylon baby on board, than if they think it died. Why not keep the baby with Sharon in the cell and observe it and if something is weird, you kill it, but meanwhile you have an extra bargaining chip to use with both Sharon and the Cylons? Not bright, Roslin, not bright.

Anders continues to be both hot and as dumb as a box of rocks. Which makes him perfect to be Starbuck's boytoy.

I loved the scene of Baltar feeling horrible for the baby's 'death' as it seems to be one of the few things outside of himself interesting him. Though Six's 'killing a child is evil' is a bit rich coming from a proponent of a group which killed millions of children (Of course, I think that Balater in Caprica's head makes parallel observations: she is Cylon view in human mind, he is human view in Cylon mind. He makes a lot of neat, angry points after all).

I never thought I'd find Baltar hot, but the angry, sarcastic, unrelenting Baltar in Caprica Six's head...hot. I also thought I'd like any Six, but I like Caprica Six. And I was glad to see G-Boomer alive, since not only am I one of her few fans, but I am an even rarer thing: Tyrol/Boomer shipper and now there is hope. Can't wait to see what those 'lovin' humans never felt so good' Cylon gals will do.

I won't talk about Cylon notions of individuality and collective because [livejournal.com profile] danceswithwords has already covered it much better than I could have, but I do want to mention that it's interesting that the Cylons that interacted a lot with humans, like Caprica Six and G-Boomer have gotten just as 'contaminated,' have gotten their clear deliniations of 'us' and 'them' and their unquestioning worldview muddled, as the humans who loved a Cylon (Tyrol and Helo) have gotten the clear borders between 'us' and 'machines' mixed up. The key really is love. That is where the understanding and any hope for reconciliation (because humans can't run forever and Cylons need humans to reproduce) lies: beginning to see the other side as not completely incompatible, beginning to understand.

Also, Husband has been watching Last Exile and all of a sudden it's really interesting, what with Alex's torture (forcing him to tell the truth with truth serum to the woman who killed his wife and tying him up with thorns???) and Dio's lobotomy and Mullen's death. So angsty (I hate Delphine) and so good. Also, love messed up, weird, sweet Dio who (until lobotomy) remained nice and human despite the odds. And I love Luciola finally snapping and taking on Delphine's men and getting Dio away. It's a beautiful scene when he fights them. It's just the main characters don't interest me too much. Claus and Lavvie are nice and dull. Love the rest though.


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