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I have just finished the very last minute of A Gentleman's Dignity - I am grinning, warm and giddy, my happiness undercut only by the knowledge we won't see the gang again. I could happily watch them paint walls or talk over soju for 90 episodes more.

I don't know if it was a perfect drama, but it was my perfect drama. It was funny, moving, sharply drawn, with great dialogues, characters, acting, romances, friendships and oddly real.

Oh, the friendships! Between the men and the ladies and the mix and everything.

It also gave me a perfect main couple, who were both quirky and flawed, yet wonderful. They made me want to know them. And the chemistry! They were pitch-perfect from the beginning to end. That last scene with them talking in bed - oooof, straight in the heart, with its quiet perfect understanding and wonderment and joy.

It also gave me one of my all-time favorite secondary OTPs in Yoon/Maeri, who just made so much sense together despite the age difference and his past grief and her impulsiveness and just - I want a whole drama about them. I rewatched their scenes too much to count. I loved them almost more than the main couple. I am so happy they got their hard-earned happiness. I need them to make lawyer bag-making babies...

I am going to try to do a more coherent post (I have over a 1000 caps to sort through, if nothing else), but for now I am too happy and emo and overwhelmed...So for now, I just leave you with this:

(Yes, I love Tae San/Sera too, but I don't have good caps for them).


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