Date: 2012-10-31 01:41 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

he answers his father's question from the beginning of the drama - whether he found a reason to live. Yes - his reason to live is Eun Soo. Oh my God..tears tears tears.

Seriously screaming nonono inside my head. I was already making a list of who to hunt down if it ends badly. And cursing. I especially love that when he asked is it too late now? He knew how ES would answer. That it's all going to be okay. That it's just the beginning. That's ES for you. She really gives him the strength to believe and have faith.

She keeps faith that Choi Young will survive somehow (and she is right - he will not let himself die when there is yet hope of her). Oh, and the scene with the video of her parents :(

How truly amazing is ES? Really. She is extraordinary. She's been waiting for the portal to open. She's all alone. But she keeps fighting. She has so much faith that they'll be able to find each other again. Extaordinary. Can't say that enough. OMG. The video. I totally cried. Surprise.

I can't even imagine how he and she survived this time apart, but their love and faith (I get why this drama is named this now) in each other is so boundless. Time must bend for them.
Ugly crying. They say there's a significance why Dae Man mentioned he waits there for at least 4days3nights. It's the length of time they spent together after CY found her and before they were separated. I don't know if there's any confirmation about it though. But I guess he could be spending those days reminiscing their "last days" together while waiting for her. I'm a hopeless romantic.

You know what gets me the most in this scene? That there is no surprise in his face - there is nothing but joyful certainty and love.
Just bawling all over the place. Yes, there was no surprise. He just knows she'll show up. No matter how much time he has to wait. "You're home." is almost what CY is saying. Wah. I suddenly thought of "Tadaima" and "Okaeri." Just these two words mean so much. She's home. ES is finally home. These two have made my face so ugly. Ugh. But no regrets. i just wanted to hug my screen. Or wanted to push them together. Wah. I might not be able to recover just yet.

Their relationship was epic but also organic and real - their quiet moments stick with me as much as the big operatic ones. A lot of the credit has to go to Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun who are both so gorgeous it's ridiculous and who burn up the screen to a degree I've rarely seen in a kdrama (or anywhere else). I would have never thought to put them together (though I've loved them individually long before Faith), but it was perfect casting. I cannot imagine anyone else in the roles. I keep thinking about what Choi Young and Eun Soo are doing now (well, now being 1350s) - I don't want to let them go.
ALL OF THIS. I know it's impossible but I definitely would like to see LMH and KHS pairing again. But if not (more likely), I will always be thankful and treasure the memories they've given us through ES and CY. They've brought both characters alive and made them so unforgettable; they will always remain in my heart as the ultimate OTP. It's so rare for a love story to touch me this deep. That, like you, I'm still concerned about what their lives will be. That doesn't happen often. Their story feels real that it goes beyond a happily ever after.

I just know I won't be tired in going through their journey with them again and again. Now that is what we call epic.

Thank you, dear Dangermousie for being so awesome with your squee-worthy posts and comments. For providing an outlet to release the spazzings of crazy Faith watchers, myself included. It's helped me through all these weeks and I'm going to miss the fervor and just reading all the comments and love from the fandom. I'll definitely miss all the characters, especially ES and CY. Coz they are my babies. I might write that unfinished fic after all. But my kink is ES/CY domestic bliss in the modern world for now. Lol. So I hope it's still okay that I might one day post it here in the comments. Again, thank you! And this comment is long enough. Hehe.

This was my perfect drama, from beginning to end. I will miss it but I am forever grateful for the ride.

*wipes tears*
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