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One of my flisties asked for romantic jdrama recs and so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to make a list of my favorite romantic jdramas. When they do it right, nobody is as good.

Pride - my favorite jdrama (well, either this is or the next drama on the list(. He's a hockey player with major attachment issues, she is an office lady waiting for a faithless fiance, together amazingness happens.

Aishiteiru to Itte Kure - The only drama that can claim 'most favorite title' away from Pride. She is an aspiring actress, he is a deaf/mute painter. Their interactions are both utterly romantic and feel so real that I feel I am peeking.

Tatta Hitotsu No Koi - he is a poor guy, she is the sheltered daughter of a rich family (sheltered due to having had leukemia in childhood). Obstacles galore. This is pretty much a kdrama despite being Japanese. I adore it. It's probably the ultimate romantic jdrama.

Forbidden Love/Majo No Jouken - he's a student and she is a teacher. You can imagine the taboo and the trouble. I would normally never go for this but the drama does this amazing job in showing me how these broken lost souls make each other better and how they can never be with anyone else.

Itoshi Kimi E - he is a photographer going blind, she is a pediatrician in love with him. So perfect and gorgeous and Fujiki Naohito is gorgeousness in human form.

Hana Yori Dango seasons 1 and 2 - my first jdrama and one I still adore like a madwoman. If you've been living under a rock and don't know the plot, it's about a strong poor girl who gets violent, oddball Domyouji, the leader of the F4, the bullying rich gang in her school, to fall for her and he slowly turns into a human being. SO FRELLING GOOD AND ADDICTIVE. My desert island drama.

Buzzer Beat - he is a struggling basketball player, she is an aspiring musician. Adorableness galore:

Smile - he is a half-Filipino, looked down upon and outcast due to his ethnicity, she is a girl mute from past trauma. This one made me bawl and bawl but by the end I was crying from happiness.

Taiyu no Uta - she has a rare disease that makes her averse to the sun, he's a struggling young man who has given up on hope. Together they find hope and love. This made me bawl. Perfect tragic romance.

Yi Ai Ni Yukimasu - A grieving young widower with a small son finds his wife again but she has no memories of the past. Before she died, she promised to come back for six weeks, exactly a year after her death. The ultimate tearjerker, if a bit slow.

Kingyo Club - school romance where she is the bullied girl and he's her knight in shining armor. It feels like a darker version of some perfect shoujo.

Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake - this is pretty much perfect shippiness. He is a haunted musician and she is a young girl who got AIDS during a 'paid date' to get money for tickets to his concert. Angst, true love, and a lot of kissing ensues. Shippiest thing ever. Below is not a MV but my fave scene from the drama:

Ice World/Koori No Sekai - a detective is investigating a woman whose previous fiances died under sinister circumstances but ends up falling for her:

Tokyo Wankei, about a Korean Japanese woman falls for a Japanese man to the disapproval of her family, is probably going on the list once I finish it.

And now if you excuse me, I have some romantic jdramas to rewatch.
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