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First off, let me get this straight - the Chois called off the engagement because Demon was pissed, then tried to sacrifice Lee Seo Rim, it went wrong, she ended up not soul-sucked etc. Hmmm.

Throughout this whole episode I love how EO does not back off from his feelings - he is utterly open and forthright about them, but he also tells her he will wait for her to come around on her own time. And I love that it's out between them - that she doesn't reject him because she doesn't care, but because there is no time. I love it when she tells him JW confessed and then tells him 'if I didn't accept you, how would I accept him.' Oh, Joo Wal, you never had a chance - how ironic. You like the woman who you could have married earlier if you weren't evil.

Let's see, other things - the backhug. I love it when he tells her he will hug her. OMFG. And I love that the shaman screwed Arang's head straight on about love and loss. Now confess to him! He will need it in the next episode, what with discovery the demon is in his mother's body! His face when he sees 'Mom' - ohhhh. He is going to break next episode, you know.

Other things - so we know Jade trained him and now EO is beginning to wonder. Also, isn't using Arang as bait insanely dangerous, if a demon can use her to be immortal? I guess Jade is desperate because if they don't catch Demon, the world will eventually be utterly out of balance (plus, I think Jade is a bit of a gambler).

Other things - love EO protecting Arang from that demon, love that she told him that she found out demons want her body (yes, partners, like Faith would say!). I love how she is scared yet brave and he comforts her.

Oh, and now they are working with the reaper. Hmmmm.

Demon lady is so far out when she thinks Arang wants revenge - I think it's clear Arang wants to live and/or Eun Oh (also, how would she give it to her if she did - even if Chois killed her, they did it on demon's orders and giving demon lady an immortal body wouldn't be much of revenge).

OK, now I have a horrible theory of Demon threatening EO to force Arang to give her body up.

Some caps...

Need next week now!
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