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Sorry for the delay, you guys, but I had a crazy busy week. Rooftop Prince eps 5-6 and Equator Man ep 4 posts coming up. I still need to catch up on this week's TEM and Love Rain.

Poor princey, foiled yet again! Even before Jae Shin explained it to Hang Ah, I got that the amount of effort Jae Ha went to, to seemingly 'get HA to fall for him and love him until she dies and after she dies, I'll laugh in her face and say I didn't love her' was pretty insane unless he really was obsessed with her. I mean, who goes to that level of effort? Clearly, he is very attracted to her but he tries to channel that attraction elsewhere not only because he knows being with a NK woman is a hard road, but because he doesn't want to open up emotionally - she makes him vulnerable, drags him out of his self-imposed cocoon and he doesn't want that and all these 'plans' are his ways of fighting against the inevitable, lashing out at his own feelings, and also a safe way to be in love without really having to face the fact that he is in love. Oh, what a delicious mess. Also occasionally very funny.

I am shipping Jae Shin and Shi Kyung so hard. A perfect soldier and a rebellious princess? YUMMMMM. They also have insane chemistry and I am not sure what I loved more - his assuming she was an impostor who stole the princess' phone and manhandling her (OK, that's not the correct term but I can't think of one) or her getting all handsy and fighting with him all the while forcing him to stand at attention. YUUUUM. I am officially hooked. (Also, if they end up together, it means SK will also be stuck with Jae Ha forever. LOL).

The piano-playing scene. First, let me say how much I love that LSG actually knows how to play the piano for real. Now, on to the scene - once again, the layers or pretend games are all wrapped into truth - his deception-only-not-really wouldn't be nearly as successful if his very real, very strong and very unacknowledged feelings didn't underpin it. He, himself, gets caught in this game every bit as much as Hang Ah does.

The running hug! Everyone (rightly) goes crazy for the kiss scene at the end of the ep, but in some ways I love this hug scene even more. How like Hang Ah, once she decided, to jump in so straightforwardly, so fearlessly. And you can see the shock on Jae Ha's face, not just because he understood (as always, a bit too late - he gets too carried away to realize the real cost of his schemes at first, but it always hits him eventually) the enormity of what he's done to Hang Ah but because his own real emotions also come out and swamp any pretense. Look how he's clutching her.

He is thinking about it (side note - LOL at his comment to his flunkie that maybe he should make Hang Ah his mistress and flunkie's all 'just because you feel bad dumping her?' or similar. Nope, doofus, because he's obsessed with her!)

When he tells her 'the truth,' driven into a corner by her desire for them to get married. Once again, his temper takes over and he lashes out, as much at himself and the inconvenient way she makes him feel as at her.

She announces she will accept him, as a means to get back at her (well, she doesn't mention the second part) and I can't help but sympathize with her.

Moment of truth. His sister basically gets her to overhear JH confessing he likes her and is jealous of SK etc. And I love how it changes everything for her - because then what went on before isn't a cruel joke of a manipulative sociopath but actions of a very confused man trying his darnedest to fight his own emotions. I love their conversation there, when he calls himself trash and she points out no trash will admit he is one. But that is the thing - JH deliberately wants to hide in the shadows, not to admit his true potential either for feelings or royal duties - and if he is inadequate/unfeeling, that is better than actually admitting he has a heart and mind and risking it all. Only, it's pretty clear the villain isn't going to give him a choice about hiding in obscurity or not having his heart broken.

This scene! Them getting hammered together, madly attracted, and flinging verbal barbs at each other even as they are getting closer and closer, irresistible attraction so strong you can feel it come off the screen. He remembers even her random off-hand comments like marrying a UAE prince (how is that for not-obsessed, JH?) and their whispered "Who will you marry? Anyone as long as it's not you" even as their mouths are millimeters away from each other and he goes in as soon as she finishes her sentence is about the hottest thing there is.

If only King didn't interrupt them, you can tell they'd just end up going horizontal right there on the floor. I love the hand-to-mouth oops, just like little kids :P

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