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[livejournal.com profile] filmi_girl and I went to see the Bollywood hit (apparently, the biggest opening ever) Bodyguard starring huge Mousie favorites Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

Kareena plays a rich girl who pretends she is in love with her bodyguard (Salman) to get him to loosen up but things spiral out of control. There are some gorgeous musical numbers, mondo violence, a surprisingly touching love story, a hilarious amount of comedy, and a scene in which a strategically aimed water pipe literally explodes the shirt off Salman's body.

Basically, I laughed a lot and swooned a fair amount - it was worth every penny of the ticket price. Best way to describe the vibe is that as far as I know, it is not a South Indian remake but it almost feels like it could be.

Have a gorgeous song from it:

There was also a trailer for RA 1, which I will watch no matter what because once a Sharukh fangirl, always a Sharukh fangirl, and when he came on-screen something funny happened to my insides.

Also, somehow, I did not realize that Kareena was playing his love interest in this. !!!!!! I've been obsessed with their on-screen chemistry since Asoka (which is probably my favorite Bollywood movie ever) so to see an encore...OMG dream come true!

And now I want to go and rewatch Asoka, especially all the scenes where he calls her 'my warrior' and teaches her to use a sword - skills she turns against him when, driven by her supposed death, he descends into emptiness and bloodlust and she faces him on the battlefield. OTPOTPOTP! It's so odd - in the latter half of the movie, once he turns into a monster, I hate him hate him hate him, but the moment he goes down on his knees before her, weeping and begging forgiveness, I find myself yelling "take him back take him back take him back!" Have a MV:

MV of ending:

I think I am about to go on a Shahrukh binge. Also, I think I must make a much overdue Top 10 Indian Movies list.
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