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This is going to be relatively quick because I am travelling but I couldn't not cap. Especially since these eps were pretty much hurt/comfort central times a million.

Some emotional highlights for me - Mok Dan kneeling to Rie begging her to save Kang To. Kang To, even with everything, being glad he is caught because it means he doesn't have to kill Shunji. The relief it is to Kang To to finally have the truth of everything, good and bad, to be out there. The fact that Shunji was human for a moment and then the monster returns. The way Kang To closes his eyes when he is caught, steeling himself for the inevitable, but then is brave and defiant no matter how awfully they torture him (nail cage OMFG! I just knew they were going to use it on him, they kept mentioning the damn thing) but the way he yells to Shunji to torture him instead when Shunji tortures that tailor to get info. The way he is with Mok Dan - when she finds him healing but still weak and the way they radiate happiness. Damsari's death - oh, he was so amazing and what he said to Shunji keeps eating at Shunji the rest of the eps. Mok Dan's grief and the way Kang To just comforts her, shielding her in his embrace like a wall to shut out the world. The way he thinks about being a noble idiot and giving her up and is talked out of it by the leader and the way he tells her that he fights for her. The way he goes on a mission to the capital and even though she knows it can mean his death, she sends him off with a smile and encouragement because she knows that is what he needs. OMFG! They are just amazing together (I love that with all their baggage and circumstances they are, nevertheless, utterly functional together) and Kang To is amazing and the whole thing - BM is going on my all-time favorites list.

Btw, is anyone reading/looking at these? I am asking because if not, I won't really cap and post such giant cap dumps (though nothing will shut me up about BM utterly :P) because then there isn't much point :P
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