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If there is one thing watching the first 5 eps of the daily tVn drama Glass Mask confirmed to me, is that Seo Woo is a Goddess. Why she picked a daily drama of all things, I will never know.

If I stick with GM (undecided as of yet), it will only be due to my love of her. Dailies, with their millions of episodes, are not normally my thing, and this one is very very makjang, with birth and other secrets by the bucket. More importantly, I don't think I could stand to watch Seo Woo's family any longer - her stepmother is evil and abusive and should be shot out of a cannon, her stepsister is a sociopath (I mean that literally - she drops Seo Woo off a cliff in the prologue and as we learn during childhood portions was always a pyromaniac, thieving bad seed), and her adopted father seems to love her yet doesn't prevent the rest of his family from abusing his supposedly beloved daughter (his wife dumps heroine on some far street in the rain and he still doesn't divorce her or anything. Instead, he offers to return Seo Woo back to the orphanage for family harmony. Some loving parent you are!)

Watching that sort of thing any longer is going to give me ulcers. About the only thing that is ulcer-free is her interactions with (I think) her future OTP because they are cuter than puppies and make me wish he and Seo Woo were instead doing a 16-ep romcom together. I mean, she sees him climbing over a fence, assumes he is a thief, yanks him back, he falls on her and this happens:

I mean, we know they are the OTP now :) And then she roughs him up and slaps handcuffs on him:

And drags him to the police station:

I ship them already.

Now, if only her family would all die in a freak chainsaw accident, I could watch this in peace.

Instead, I bet they will abuse her some more, she will realize her adopted Daddy shot her birthmom and framed her birthdad for murder, her stepsis is a psycho (though why she hasn't figured it out yet, I don't know) and I bet, I just bet, the stepsis will want the same guy. This is how it always works!

I don't think I could put up with a 100 episodes of 'let's mistreat Seo Woo' show. I am sure she will eventually go Terminator on their ass, but I don't think I could hang on that long. I might tune in once she goes around getting her own back, though.


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