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Apr. 21st, 2019 02:28 pm
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 Still on the lookout for a WisCon roommate, if anyone else is having last minute issues there.  I have a pplace but it's cramped s hoping something less-cramped comes up.

Writing and Knitting

Apr. 19th, 2019 08:00 pm
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I've had a hell of a time with my arms the past two weeks. Initially, I thought I had strained them during physical exercise. Then I thought maybe it was an RSI. Now I just don't know. Joint pain that comes and goes from various joints, muscle aches that comes and goes in various places, tendon pain that shows up from nowhere and disappears just as suddenly. I have no clue.

In any case: I can't knit as much as I usually do. I've removed all purling and learned to mirror knit and I've put a timer of 15 minutes that I'm allowed to knit before I take at least 15 minutes break. I hope it will help.

Turns out that coming up with things to do during those breaks is rather annoying though. So far I've picked up origami and making knitting markers. Today, I started writing a story in the Narnia Charn universe - Susan's story in fact, since I've had it sitting in the back of my head for ages. It's interesting to see how the story develops as I write - I never plan but let the story grow inside of my head.

I sorta hope it will become something I can post - the Charn universe has a lot of stories that I could probably write.

It's Been Ten Years

Apr. 19th, 2019 02:00 pm
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So apparently, Dreamwidth has been around for ten years. There is an equivalent stats meme that has been going around my reading list. Meanwhile, Livejournal has been around for twenty years this year based on another meme making the rounds. Since I’ve pretty much utterly abandoned my LJ and haven't cross-posted to it since 2017, I won’t be doing that one.

So happy anniversary, Dreamwidth! My anniversary here isn’t until next month.

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ahhhhhh Detective L is out!

Apr. 18th, 2019 09:16 pm
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I just watched the first two episodes of Detective L with no subs (no English subs; there are subs in Chinese) and I have NO REGRETS. It's so fun! Qin Xiaoman the rookie cop is a delight! Bai Yu is in the bath!

If you're wavering over whether to watch right now, I highly recommend it; it's very fast-paced and visual, and I didn't have too many problems following it, even with my effectively zero Chinese.

Also it just looks so gorgeous (the sets, cars and outfits, as well as the leads :D) I will watch again and roll around in it when there are subs, but in the meantime I'm totally happy to watch it without them.

fibercraft queue, etc.

Apr. 17th, 2019 08:51 pm
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Though not a fan of goals (I've never learned to set reasonable ones, nor has anyone else on my behalf, really, unless they're tiny and knocked out quickly), I've come to understand check-ins. So.

update; strange how hard it's been to make myself something )
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I just spent some time reading up on ageism in fandom and...well, it was fascinating. I've been in fandom since I was, like, 10, and I can't say I ever considered age when it came to fandom interactions. Not that I ever really had any - some beta interaction here and there and my fairly accidental IRL friendship with [personal profile] painless_j aside. Interaction has never been my forte - people tend to be enthusiastic and I get...tired very fast when faced with enthusiastic. In the gaming world though, I interact with people from 15 to...I think G was above 60 somewhere and I'm fairly sure M is up there too. A and O are in their mid-40s. Thinking fannish or gaming to be age limited just seems weird to me. Young fans grow up to big fans after all.

The other day I put in a request to buy a book at the library (The Push, since apparently the climbing bug is spreading) and I'm ridiculously proud of myself since I have huge issues with libraries, librarians and interaction with them (forced socials with the local librarians = panic at the thought of going near them again). Not I just need to put my big girl panties on and go pick it up at the library when it arrives.

Sunny, sunny, sunny but cold, cold, cold means no tulips but plenty of daffodils apparently. The yellow is cheerful and all but I want my tulips! :P

Just a bit of SCI squee

Apr. 15th, 2019 08:59 pm
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I just got to the bit in episode fourteen where actual puppy Bai Chi throws himself in front of Zhao Zhen to protect him, even though he's shown every sign of hating his guts up until then and I just. THIS SHOW. (Plus I *love* that Zhao Zhen just then demolishes Boss Shen with a throwing knife, omg.)

Seeing as I spent the end of last week in a fevered haze writing fic about them, it's probably pretty obvious that I love Ma Han and Chen Jiayi together. But I think the reason I love them so much is: how often do two female characters get a meet cute like that? And just their whole vibe: intensely competent sniper + bouncy femme in a sparkly dress, makes my brain go YES PLEASE.

I enjoy how comfortable Bai Yutong and Zhan Yao are with each other now. They work together so well, their bickering has calmed down a lot, and now they can just hang out and solve cases in Zhan Yao's apartment, while Bai Yutong does push ups on every surface, and Zhan Yao is zen on the sofa. Plus I love that Bai Qingtang, even stinking drunk, knew immediately that her brother would be at Zhan Yao's place, and I love Bai Yutong's little dismayed look at being so predictable (or realising that his sister knows all about his love life, idk.)

I'm also really enjoying the cases, and the main villain is awesomely creepy and compelling. I think the only thing I'm not enjoying is Bai Qingtang and Gong Sun's boring romance. Bai Qingtang's identical twin staffers super crack me up, though!

If you're reading this and also like the show, why not share something you like about it? What got you hooked?

Guardian the novel: chapters 51-60

Apr. 14th, 2019 09:45 pm
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I had a break from reading the novel because I've been writing a lot, and when I started again I was feeling a bit disconnected from it, and I like I was struggling to get past the tone/writing/translation to the heart of the thing. Thankfully, there's some stuff towards the end of this segment that is SO GOOD that it's totally restored my love for it.

This section has the resolution of the cursed fruit story, plus a lot of the blindness arc.

The romance )

Characterisation )

The world-building )

for later

Apr. 13th, 2019 09:57 pm
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Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 33

Were thistleingrey to link here to her own book posts put up elsewhere:

I'd like to be on that filter
32 (97.0%)

I definitely wouldn't want to be on that filter
0 (0.0%)

ticky the tocky box
9 (27.3%)

I found all your net.presences years ago--what
2 (6.1%)

This may be only the second or third time it's come up since I began posting to LJ in, uh, late 2002 or early 2003--but the memoir I'm reading now can't go here, more so than the pink essay collection. I was once acquainted with the memoir's author; it affects how I read the memoir. And though I still wouldn't really want people looking for my legal-name presences to come upon this space immediately (despite my having access-locked most older content on principle), going hence thither is less weird, I think.

I may not put you on such a filter even if you ask! Asking is free, however.

(I've punted on fiction for the nonce, mostly because I skimmed one or two screenfuls of several novels and then managed to slide through several chapters of the memoir. Please, oh please let me not become the kind of person who only reads biographies. There's nothing wrong with biographies and memoirs, but only that would be another means of self-displacement. I don't need any more of it.)

March Media Log

Apr. 13th, 2019 05:59 pm
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I don't even know, you guys, I'm thirteen episodes into SCI and I had to pause to write, a) my first femslash; b) the filthiest thing I've ever written.

We Cut the Leash
Ma Han/Chen Jiayi
4290 words
Additional tags: first time, finger fucking, frottage

Ma Han leans close enough that she can smell the light floral scent of Chen Jiayi’s perfume. She touches her plump bottom lip, runs her finger along it. Chen Jiayi’s lips part.

“I don't want to be friends,” Ma Han says. She drags her finger harder along Chen Jiayi’s lip, smearing her dark pink lipstick, feeling a tiny taste of the hot wetness inside her mouth which would be so welcoming if she dipped her finger further in.

“I’ll tell you what I want. I want you under me. I want you to come apart around my fingers. I want to learn what you taste like.”

In case anyone would like a visual reference, here is Chen Jiayi

Yes, she's being cradled in Ma Han's arms. Yes, they've only just met.

And here's Ma Han, nonchalantly fixing Chen Jiayi's car right after the whole cradling thing. Ma Han rides a motorbike, wears incredibly short skirts, and makes me think unclean thoughts.

Podcast recs - China

Apr. 13th, 2019 11:53 am
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I listen to a LOT of podcasts. Like, really a lot. Recently, I've been listening to a few different ones about China, because it's a great way to learn stuff in a fun way, while you're doing boring things like the washing up. I thought I'd link them here in case they look interesting to anyone else.

Digitally China is a tech industry podcast, presented by Eva Xiao and Tom Xiong. It's an incisive, independent-minded and entertaining look at tech and tech companies. Worth a listen even if tech isn't your thing!

The Kaka Chinese Culture Show (videos linked here, but it will also show up as a podcast if you search your podcast app) is a fun series of short bilingual episodes about Chinese culture and language. Episodes focus on things like why napping in a Chinese office is OK, and the biggest cultural differences the hosts noticed between China and the US. The presenters are incredibly charming, and it's just a shame it isn't being updated anymore.

Five more under the cut )

Does anyone listen to any good China-focused podcasts which I haven't listed here? If so, I'd love to hear about them! (ETA: links to interesting Youtubers are also super welcome!)

reading wednesday

Apr. 9th, 2019 10:04 pm
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Failed at MG book by a friend, alas. I usually bounce off YA as well and suspect I'd have failed at Silver if not for grim determination to keep on with what'd reached 15% last fall.

It seems I've been misspelling DWJ's Drowned Whatsit half the time or more. Ammet, not Amnet. Well, I pick up at 51%, or I would---I think I've advanced by one phone-screenful, ~40 lines. It seems to be a coping mech to try finishing things before starting new ones, though at this rate I won't start reading new-to-me books before *age* 51.

I miss the one-step-away distance afforded by most third-person narration, even tight third. That's why Ammet, though I've struggled several times with it already. Were it first-person kids on a boat, there'd be no hope. hm. This week, perhaps this month or season, no sailboats. Perhaps it takes seeing something as text to prod my reasoning into gear. I actually started making a list of no, and I hate listmaking (they're never finished)---usually I save my small tolerance for unavoidable dayjob lists. But this list was too easy to start, and to add to, and then to delete because I don't want to see it. Even hasty and incomplete, it was not short.

Formally, these posts are Recent, Current, and then Next Reading, right? That's two sorted. Let's let me stave off book-commitment a bit longer.


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