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Guan Yu finds out Diao Chan can't cook but really wants to cook for Lu Bu, so he cooks for her instead and anonymously drops it off. OK, that's what I call nuts. There's being a good sport and there is being a glutton for punishment. I am with Zhang Fei on this one.

Blah blah blah woobie, I'd feel more moved if you weren't a spy for Dong Zhuo. Seriously, go away.

Speak of the devil! Bwahahaha. Just as in the proper 3K, Dong Zhuo is (a) awful (b) enters the capital...errrr, high school, at misguided invitation of emperor...errrr, national union chief, and takes over with his flunkie Li Ru :) Also, just as in 3K, he was involving in defeating the yellow handkerchiefs.

Our gang of awesome is NOT happy, but they are all badly injured so decide to watch and wait. Look, Lu Bu, if Diao Chan ever finds out you work for the usurper, she's going to push you off the roof, especially since said usurper injured her daddy. Just sayin'.

And I think I have another OTP. I know I know I know, not canon and all, but Zhao Yun/Xiao Qiao would be awesome. (Also, how do I love that the 'comic relief' friend of the gorgeous heroine gets her own storyline, romance etc etc). Listen up, Zhou Yu, you better show up fast, because otherwise I might jump on Zhao Yun/XQ ship for good.

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I swear, this is written by my id )

It's official. Lu Bu doesn't need a girlfriend. He needs therapy.

Also, this is sort of drifting off from TK - I wonder if it's going to go back to being parallel, story-wise.


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