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So, do you find yourself thinking that seeing Four in Jade Palace and upcoming BBJX is not enough for you?

Yeah, me neither.

But in case you do crave more of said Qing Emperor, Hou Chuan Zhen Huan is about to come to your rescue. It centers around Zhen Huan, one of Yongzheng's concubines, who later became an empress and the mother of the next emperor. Have a trailer:

To be honest, while pretty, this isn't on my radar because it seems to be all about concubine in-fighting (shockingly, this is not made by Yu Zheng!), which is a topic I find utterly boring (though apparently poor Yongzheng isn't the focus of the heroine's affections in this one either. Poor man can't get a fictional break). If I check it out, it will be solely for its leads. I've loved Sun Li (who portrays Zhen Huan) in what I've seen of Shanghai Bund, and Yongzheng is played by Chen Jian Bin, who may be old enough to be my father, but won me over forever with his tour-de-force performance as Cao Cao in Three Kingdoms 2010.

And speaking of Yu Zheng, I am sure you are aware he's released a 20-min trailer for his thematic (because different time period and characters) sequel to Schemes of Beauty, Mei Ren Tian Xia. To be honest, I am not entirely clear on the plot. In my head it goes something like "blah blah blah intrigue, Ming Dao as twins, Mickey He hotness, gorgeous women, etc". It looks amazing though and YZ's dramas are always my thing, so am very much looking forward to this, even if that haircut does Ming Dao no favors.



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