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Still obsessed with K.O. 3an Guo, as you can tell. I think it's the combo of it appealing to my rather twisted sense of humor (usually dramas which are supposed to be funny do not work for me. But a lot of animes do and this is the most anime-like I've ever seen a drama so this may explain it) and me somehow actually liking many of the characters. Hopefully they won't be biting the dust at TK rates. If something bad happens to Guan Yu, we are going to have WORDS, drama!

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Versus this:

You know he's a bad boy because he's wearing a leather jacket :P

I can't pick!!!! Oh well, I'll alternaship and thus, unless Diao Chan gets eaten by a shark or something (anything is possible in this insane awesome drama), I'll be happy either way.

Five eps in, and my opinion is set in stone - if this made this into an anime, it would be the funniest, most self-aware shounen series ever :)
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Probably unsurprisingly, it's Guan Yu! I have a big weakness for awesome fighter + overly straightforward nd honorable + kinda simple.

Diao Chan, how can you not love him? I don't care if you are predestined to hook with Lu Bu! Booooo! Have a sexy fling with Lu Bu and then go with Guan Yu. Total loss of sanity on my part.

Now compare to Guan Yu in Three Kingdoms 2010.

Heeeee. Seriously, never getting old. Though, to be fair, I am crushing on this Guan Yu too. He's just that badass.

I am very sorry for not doing proper posts and not doing replies, but we are travelling so net time is limited. I promise to get to both asap.
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So, as far as I can tell, K.O. 3an Guo has four end-game OTP (five, if you count Lu Bu/Diao Chan which was an OTP but does not end well). Mmmmm.

Guan Yu/Diao Chan:

Faux Liu Bei/ Shan Xiang:

Zhou Yu/Xiao Qiao:

Sun Ce/Da Qiao (OMG, Jiro is guesting as Sun Ce????!!!!)

And I am not even getting into slash!

I have just finished ep 4 and am so addicted. Will post caps later. This drama swas made on $10 but it's hilarious and a wickedly clever riff on Three Kingdoms and shounen, but it also makes me care for the characters. Quite a feat.
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I got to run but simply had to post this before I go.

ROFL ROFL Not something I ever thought I'd see in any version of Three Kingdoms.

Noooo! Poor Guan Yu! Your feelings are about to be crushed under the weight of predetermined history!
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What would be a classical Western lit equivalent? Gawain and Isolde? Perseus and Euridyce? I mean, two cool characters who have no interaction and one of whom is a part of famous OTP with someone else. At least that is the case in the original Three Kingdoms.

But not in this take on it. In this take, they have plenty of interaction and I just think they would make an awesome awesome couple. Why?

1. Guan Yu is so tough and tough and tougher, and probably the best fighter of the ones we met so far, but he turns into utter mush around her. His helpless, blatant adoration of her is so insanely cute.
2. Diao Chan is not really a fighter but she's smart and independent and pragmatic and, while not a genius extraordinaire, is totally smarter than simple-as-a-plank Guan Yu.
3. She has had a horrible family life and minds her ps-and-qs to an extreme degree. Yes, she's friends with Xiao Qiao, but that's about it, and it's a small glimpse into what she doesn't have. But Guan Yu and his posse of tough but fun and outgoing guys all of whom treat her as one of them in part because they know Guan Yu digs her but in part for her own sake, is something she needs - she totally needs to be a part of large, fun, extravert group of awesome friends. Just watch how much fun they had when they all went out.

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