Date: 2012-10-31 01:39 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
What? How? What?

That was my initial reaction as I was wiping away the tears from my face. Like you, I felt bereft, desolate, and just sadsadsad that it's all over. Maybe I just wanted more of our OTP since everything felt so rushed in the end. I felt there was more flashbacks than actual scenes between the two of them. But I still felt the love and faith between them despite that. I had to rewatch their scenes again, especially the last scene to try to appease this sudden void in my life (lol, it's strange that it actually feels like a bittersweet goodbye to these characters). While I am not a fan of the last scene, because I'm a greedy fan and always want more, the looks and tears and tender smiles made up for it all. As always, they need no words to convey every emotion. I am in awe of the chemistry between the actors and the two characters. They brought so much life and heart to this love story. The unwavering faith and love... And I'm getting teary again. How are they so perfect and beautiful and ohmygod, they are together finally!!!! I just wanted to hug everyone in the house; I don't care if I looked crazy. They are together! They really are. Is it weird that somehow my life feels complete now?

I just love that she loves him so utterly and selflessly, because this is exactly how he loves her. And they both deserve a person who loves them back to the same degree.
They are just perfect for each other. And I'm getting teary. Again.

When he screams, I just - CY has iron self-control, he has never yelled and yet here he is.
He needs her. He really does. ES has given him so much. Made him see everything in a new light. Helped him find himself again. She's as much a part of him now as he is of her. They are partners in every sense of the word. They've taught each other so much. As you said, made each other better. I have no doubt that he's really at his wit's end. And I can't be coherent for the life of me. I think the tears has killed my brain cells.

Instead, he will go and bring her back. Oh God, I love you so much right now!
I seriously almost hugged my screen when he said that.

I love that she doesn't even question that he will be able to find her trail, and that he will remember what that phrase means from her notes to him (because he remembers everything she has ever said or done, I bet)
It's funny that she just knows he'll be able to understand what she wrote when she said so herself that CY doesn't really like learning heavenspeak. It's like both he and she knows just how much he takes her words into consideration. No matter how strange and alien they are.

And then he asks her if she is going to be with him? Sounding so emotional and uncertain and grateful all at once. And then that hug. That hug. They give the best hugs.
OMG. I died and then realized I can't die just yet. The way his voice trembled when he asked. And when she said yes. OMG. The happiness shining from his face! And now they are going to be hugging forever and ever. I love that.

She is the reason he lives, you guys!
Yes, yes. Wah!

In my head canon, they have long ago made love, anyway.

Can I just say that the way ES was tracing his eye, and then his nose, down to his lips was downright hot, sexy, intimate, sweet, tender, soft. I mean how can it be all of those things at once? And yet it is. Ugh. I almost looked away again coz I'm feeling like a voyeur. Sometimes, I'm thinking they most probably did it there. Lol. It's weird I know but I think after all those time searching for her and then finding her. Right there. In front of him. CY would most probably has lost all self-control already. It's slowly been building up. OR maybe I just can't take the sexual tension anymore and am creating my own scenarios. Shrug. And also, they were under the blanket. I mean, it has to mean something. Lol. They didn't have the blanket when they slept together in his room. But the way he was so happy and at peace lying beside her. This is really the first time CY feels like yes, they can be together. No poison problems, ES is definitely staying. He has her now. And he's letting it sink in and just basking in that reality. The way he brushed her hair again and held her. Sigh.
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