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These are very much game-changers, but I shocked myself by loving them.

(Thoughts and caps)

First, let's get this out in the open - hello, terminal illness! I was wondering when you'd show up. So, Maru has some sort of blood clot in his head from the collision. Hmmm. I could see him dying at the end (ffs, get surgery!) or becoming a cripple or something. With Lee Kyung Hee, it's safe to go for the worst scenario.

Anyway, on to the other topics...

The break-up at the beach was brutal. I really hate when characters don't say really feel but behave as if it's opposite day - is there any doubt it would have been better for EG in short and long term if Maru told the truth about his feelings as opposed to trying to pretend he was some sort of monster? (No wonder EG was devastated - she opened herself up like this only to get that in return). But for once I don't blame the person doing it because Maru is so very messed-up, it makes perfect sense for him to behave the way he does. What gets me is his standing there and gulping after he drove EG away. Oh, Maru.

The collision. What gets me is the peaceful, even happy expression on Maru's face - as if death is what he seeks and feels he deserves. What is your opinion on whether EG and/or Maru realized who was in the other car? I don't think either did - have you ever driven on a dark night with lights blazing in your face? It's pretty hard to tell who is in another car. I do think it makes sense EG temporarily snapped into a suicidal mode - she was always very fragile under her shell.

When we see Maru again, he's clearly gone. What is left is a desperate, death-seeking shell. Oh. The guilt must be immense, especially since it's pretty clear he loved her. And not knowing if she is alive or dead, knowing he drove her to this - it is no wonder he snapped. You know, what he is doing for a living by now is despicable, but I can't bring myself to feel anything but pity and desperate hope for him - he is clearly in as much or more of a hell than any of his marks.

This scene, I could go about it forever - the symbolism, the chemistry, the way he can't stop but is devouring her with his eyes, not saying a word, almost, as if he can't trust his voice.

He might desperately try to act as if he doesn't care, but his eyes keep giving him away.

You know what else gives him away? His fierce protectiveness - from JH's brother here, but is almost feels as if he wants to protect her from the world. And nobody will convince me that an inchoate part of this hug wasn't his need to feel her alive and solid in his arms.

He tries to push her away again but he really is bad at it because he just keeps looking and looking at her, drinking her in, almost not daring. And then there are her simple words about her heart knowing him - how can you fight someone who is not fighting back but is simply letting you in?

Nightmares. But what strikes me is his immense loneliness here.

But when she is in danger due to JH's awful brother, Maru ditches everything and runs to the rescue - and that stunt with the car - wow, he really is willing to risk his life for her. Granted, he views his life as worthless but he would never do this for anyone else. Prickly or sweet, pre or post amnesia, EG is under his skin.

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