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We learned a LOT this episode but the above scene was the one which stuck with me...

(Arang and the Magistrate ep 15)

Poor Eun Oh! He sees his mother is the Big Bad (and he doesn't know she isn't his mother - how about explaining, Cryptic Guy?). He tries to defend her from Reaper and almost gets stabbed by her for his trouble (luckily his real mother manages to take control for a bit. So, I guess she was OK with passively letting her kid die as a toddler but not actively killing him. Still not getting Mom of the Year award).

Poor Eun Oh. He barely gets home and collapses. He does manage to say he saw his Mom, leaving Arang puzzled as to why he is so distraught. Oh, poor poor guy. But I love that Arang is super-worried.

And in the morning he is still like that, and she is freaking out, but he can't bring himself to say his Mom is the Big Bad possible responsible for her demise. Oh poor poor poor guy.

I love how in-your-face EO is with Evil Choi. Probably doesn't hurt that he is falling apart.

I just like this shot.

EO finds out that his mother's soul is trapped inside a demon, but there is no way for the soul to come out, it's as good as dead. I know I keep saying it, but poor guy.

Evil Jr and Arang. She gives him Lee Seo Rim's diary, telling him even though she doesn't love him, somebody else once did. I find it so interesting that she views LSR as a whole other person. Btw, still not feeling Evil Jr.

This scene! When he leans on her and begs to stay like that a minute. And she is so concerned, and the moon, which is like their private clock, is looking down.

I love him in his Magistrate regalia...

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