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Because yes, I apparently do have more to say.

(Thoughts on some of the sequences here, with caps)

In case we had any doubts Jae Hee is psychotic, she beats herself up, fakes that it's her brother who did it, calls to Maru for help etc. (Also, we learned in this ep she likely had an affair with the Chairman while dating Maru). Oh, and to top it off, she texts Eun Gi about the meeting.

Anybody else thinks she was sitting in deliberate parallel to their first meeting, so as to evoke his feeling more (and what a contrast with when he was fixing Eun Gi - who came with no guile). I do love that finding out that she faked this was the last straw. When he turns that empty gaze on her, the one he used to look at Eun Gi with, and tells her his feelings are over? I cheered. (Also, let's face it, Jae Hee would never go back to him if she wasn't being kicked out and also even if she doesn't want him, she doesn't want anyone else to have him). A pity Eun Gi only overhears the part where he talks about how he used to love Jae Hee. She knew, from the documents, but it's one thing to know in the abstract and another to confront it when it's in your face.

Oh, Maru, don't cry! :(

I loved this because JH asks him if he loves Eun Gi now and he says he regrets dragging Eun Gi in. Yes! Your soul has woken up! I actually love that he replies with a morally right answer, not a romantic one.

He comes home and realizes EG figured out about Jae Hee and him and gets a text from EG that she is on that beach and takes off running! I do love that EG went there by herself. She has so much faith.

She is there by herself and then...he comes. And OMFG, he's decided to come clean, because when she asks, he tells her he wanted to come here with someone he loved way back when but it didn't happen. And that person was Jae Hee.

Maru has clearly come to his senses (and his feelings). I see hope except - that preview! Is freaking me the frell out!


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