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Such an amazing episode, ratcheting the tension even higher...

The scene of the hothead finding out that Gaksital is Kang To. EEEE! I love the look on his face. I also love that he now knows (by now, what, a dozen people know? :P) because I was so worried he'd kill Kang To as a representative of the Japanese government, and now this has been averted.

Creeptastic Shunji torturing hothead while fantasizing it's Kang To he is burning. This was the most disturbing thing in a drama full of disturbing things. How far he has come from the gentle Shunji who cared for Korean kids. Nothing of that is left now.

KT quietly falling to pieces because yet another ally is being tortured and he can do nothing.


Shunji is not even a monster now. Being a monster would be a step up. Here he is torturing spy girl, who is not a rebel nor even the usual complaining about the Japanese Korean. She is his informant, and he is taking his rage about KT and MD out on her, torturing her just to make himself feel better. At this point, the best thing for everyone, him included, is for him to be killed quickly.

My favorite scene in the episode. Mok Dan has ovaries of steel. Something terrified spy girl told her made her suspect Shunji knows Kang To is Gaksital and so she comes to verify. And no warning to KT or anything. She just walks into the lion's den and KT is freaking out so badly.

She warns him Shunji knows (Shunji, getting more psychotic and more certain, has been careless and slips up).

And Kang To thinks 'bring it on' or the equivalent. YESSSS.

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