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I am fast discovering my love for Sanderson's fantasy novels. I adored Elantris and now, in the middle of Warbreaker, I love that book even better!

Warbreaker is a stand-alone (yesss!) novel about Vivenna and Siri, two very different sisters who, in a way, switch fates.

Hallandren is a powerful kingdom based on colors (even the alphabet is color-based) and the powers these colors can bestow. It is awash in people who can use colors to take other people's essence or manifest other powers, and even bring people back from the dead (even if that will result in pretty much a zombie). It is ruled by the 'Returned' - people who somehow came back from the dead and are treated as Gods and, above them all, is Susebron, the God King, someone who was never alive - who 'returned' from being a stillborn. And Hallandren has its eye on Idris, a poor, small neighbor kingdom.

From childhood, the King of Idris' oldest daughter, Vivenna, was promised in marriage to the fearsome God King of a powerful neighboring kingdom as a way to avoid war. Vivenna is dutiful, poised, ladylike. She has been brought up to know the ins and outs of her future husband's kingdom. Siri, the youngest, is the polar opposite - never meant to be anyone of particular importance, Siri is bad at obedience, defies her father regularly, and loves flaunting colors - the ultimate sin in Idris, where it is believed that colors can invite people who will steal one's 'Breath' (a sort of hybrid soul and power concept). So when push comes to shove, and the King has to send his daughter to marriage and almost certain death (even if the reputedly monstrous God King will leave her alive, war is coming and then the princess becomes a hostage and eventually dead), he cannot bear to send his favorite Vivenna. He sends Siri instead.

And then, the proper, prim Vivenna does something unthinkable - she disguises herself and sets off to the faraway Hallandren to rescue her sister.

The novel follows multiple characters - Vivenna and her adventure quest plus her interactions with a bunch of rebels and a mysterious man who may or may not be the key in stopping the war. Meanwhile, Siri is navigating the dangerous waters of the court and coming to terms with the fact that she is married to a person whom she is not supposed to speak to or touch (well, touch to the minimum necessary to get an heir). Oh, and there is Lightsong, a resurrected God who questions just how divine he really is.

I LOVE IT!!!! The worldbuilding is great, I adore both Vivenna and Siri (though confess to liking Siri just a smidge more), the plot is complicated and things are not always as they seem (let's just say that God King and the priests are not really what/how you think they are).

And if you need an OTP, Siri/Susibron hit all my kinks, in a very very unexpected way. Let's just say that between the two of them, the princess in distress is not who you think it is.

So yes, super super addicted!


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