Qin's Moon

Mar. 27th, 2012 09:57 pm
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I haven't been posting about it because I got sidetracked, but I restarted with the amazing, awesome, etc etc Qin's Moon. It's gorgeous, complicated, with a superbly-rendered world, and characters I adore (well, the main kid I can take or leave but everyone else!)

Also, I have an OTP - Ge Nie/Duanmu Rong! He's Qin's best swordsman, who's turned against his masters and she is a legendary doctor who refuses treatment to only three types of people (1) people from Qin (2) swordsmen (3) people with the surname Ge. Guess who fits all three? Guess who gets treated anyway?

Thank you for feeding the h/c monster, show!

I am madly curious about their backstories - why does she have those conditions and why does she ditch them for him once she sees his sword? And why did he decide to stop being Qin's killing machine even if he will get killed for it?

Also, is it me or is Xiang Yu pretty much N1 obsession of show/movie-makers recently? I mean, there was the White Vengeance movie, and the upcoming one with Daniel Wu, plus the filming Chu-Han Contention series (I can't wait!) and the horrifying upcoming Beauties of the Emperor, plus The Myth and Legends of Chu-Han a few years back. And now here he is in QM as pretty much the coolest adolescent ever:

Liu Bang might have won the empire but he clearly lost the PR war :P (Having read up on the dude, no wonder. Pushing your kids out of your carriage so you can escape faster does not a legendary hero make).

Have a gorgeous and general QM amv. If you recognize the music, it's from Chinese Paladin 3.

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