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Move over, Jung Il Woo, I have a new favorite character. His name is Crazy Chicken (!!!!), he's a student hoodlum and views Spunky Teacher as his noona. I'd ship that way hard, especially since, for full Gokusen resemblance, it turns out Spunky Teacher used to be a legendary teen hoodlum herself, but his whole adoration for snotty ballerina girl is too adorable.

Bwahahaha, is this the F5? I guess this is Jung Il Woo's chance to try to step into his buddy's Lee Min Ho's shoes and do his own version of Gu Jun Pyo (well, minus the violence and the sociopathic abuser Mom).

I adore heroine and her faces.

The ultimate nightmare. Not only do you find out the guy you asked out is a high-schooler but guess who shows up as a student in your first ever class?

Bwahahahahaa. JIW is such a total ass but he is such an entertaining one. And I don't mind a high schooler being immature because that's realistic enough. I can't wait to see him get some hard knocks and grow up. There are hints of serious stuff (like Plucky Teacher with her Dad) so I have hopes for how the drama is going to handle it.

Crazy Chicken, ILY!

And the one person the fearsome hoodlum is scared of and can be bested by is the awesome Plucky Teacher a.k.a. noona :)

Ballerina - Crazy Chicken's gf who is about to dump him for jerky JIW. Too bad Crazy Chicken apparently has never seen a drama and doesn't know ballerinas are bad news (hello, Goong!)

JIW is such a claasist ass!

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